Saturday, April 01, 2006

25 things

In honor of my 25 posts on my new blog I am writing 25 things that are about me or that I find interesting. Random, no deep reasoning behind them.

1. I wish I were an English major

2. I love dry cereal. Eat it at all times during the day. Oatmeal Squares, my fav at the moment.

3. I have a tatoo. Nothing big. On my ankle, sometimes I forget about it and it scares me when I see it, like I need to brush it off. I got it almost 11 years ago, the weekend before I married. The Chosen One FREAKED out and then got one himself.

4. I am a follow the rules rebel. I like to shake things up and do them my own way but my heart follows most rules automatically.

5. I don't remember much of my childhood. I don't know why. I remember some but not much. I had a fairly normal childhood, just don't remember much. Some days this troubles me.

6. I am on medication for OCD. My closet used to look like a rainbow, everything in color order and in it's place. Now it looks like a blurry rainbow. I am told this is progress.

7. I am a picky eater but getting better the older I get.

8. I don't care for scary movies.

9. I have 2 friends that I have had since kindergarten.

10. The Chosen One and I have never moved from where we were born and will probably be buried in the local cemetary. I can't imagine leaving my family. Well, I can imagine it but don't think I will actually do it.

11. I want to adopt.

12. I want more children.

13. I love my family but also LOVE being alone. Actually, prefer it.

14. I love to sleep. I can sleep 9 hours, get up for a bit and go right back to sleep. I enjoy sleep, crave it almost. I can, however function on very little.

15. I sleep with a pillow over my head. I have it positioned just right to breath but close out any noise and light. People find that strange. My mother does the same thing.

16. I want to travel overseas. And spend months in one tiny village.

17. I can not speak any other language but sarcasm fluently.

18. I struggle with anxiety.

19. I love the outdoors but DO NOT like to sweat.

20. I don't drink coffee. Enter Dr. Pepper.

21. I eat popcorn for dinner sometimes.

22. California is very interesting to me.

23. I really never saw myself married. But I have done it twice.

24. I love to cook, but must follow a recipe.

25. I could stay in my PJ's for a long time. They are real comfy!

Nothing to deep and inspiring but me all the same.

Think of something you haven't thought about in a long time,


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Praying for your Prodigal said...

Congrats on 25 posts! Great idea to celebrate. It is always so good to find ways to get to know people better.

Thanks, too, for stopping by my blog. Your welcome anytime! :)