Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Life is busy!

So busy these days!

I am continuing my work with my project. Progressing nicely. I love the design of it all. The textures of it all. And the satisfaction it brings me.

Monday as I was watching our hummingbirds a butterfly floated into the flowerbed/garden. As the butterfly floated from one flower to another I was mesmerized by it's light movement and beauty. And then, out of NOWHERE one of the hummingbirds dive bombed it! The butterfly flipped end over end. I seriously thought it would have a hole in it's wing when it finally go up right. But it didn't. This continued until the butterfly understood it could have the purple flowers but do not venture to the yellow flowers. THOSE belong to the hummer!! That same night when we got to my parents my mother was itching to show what she found. She took us the to back of the property between to trees pretty high up. All I could see what a big spider web with a big spider. And what appeared to be a leaf stuck in the web. As I looked closer I saw that it was no leaf. It was a hummingbird! All wrapped neatly in a web. The spider would eat for a month off of that thing. Now I know hummers are small but to a spider web!! I thought that was pretty amazing. The spider and handie dandie web had defeated this little force of energy! We continued to watch the hummingbirds on my parents porch. We counted ten that night. I thought to myself.....would have been eleven and giggled! Giggled because in nature you are the eater or the eaten all in the same day. I had always viewed hummers as fierce balls of energy. I have had them dive bomb my head on the porch and have watched them go after each other in the garden but to see them go after the butterfly, well it startled me. And then to see them in the spider web, that startled me even more!

Happy Wednesday!