Saturday, June 30, 2007

Almost July

We have been busy reading, watching, shopping, x-boxing and, oh yeah, a brief trip to the ER!


Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott an author recommendation by Randi. And one that does not disappoint. This was the only one at the library. Her other titles are being pulled for me. I can relate to this woman. It is crazy relatable.

pg 4 There were dozens of children in that family, or maybe it just felt that way, babies everywhere, babies crawling our from under the sofa like dust bunnies.

pg 41 Mine was a patchwork God, sewn together from bits of rag and ribbon, Eastern and Western, pagan and Hebrew, everything but the kitchen sink and Jesus.

pg 93 It's so awful, attacking your child. It is the worst thing I know, to shout loudly at this fifty-pound being with his huge trusting brown eyes. It's like b!tch- slapping E. T.

pg 167 And soon my prayers were answered, first when patience miraculously descended like soft, chick-yellow parachute silk.

She is so honest. So true. So raw. I was sad when the book was over. I wanted to continue the conversation.


Some Like It Hot This made my boys g.i.g.g.l.e!

Fabulous sale at JcPenney lead to an update on work clothes. It was much needed and I am very happy with the new duds!

Oh yeah and that trip to the ER. High blood pressure that is being handled with meds. So far I am not feeling the negative affects.

Enjoy something. Laugh at something. Suggle with something. Summer is flying by.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's shiny.....

and BIG!

As a combo Mother's/Father's Day present Chosen One and I bought this. He and Rowdy One are putting it together right now. And believe me the conversation is pretty dang funy between those two. Patience is a little thin and Rowdy One is up way past his bed time but I believe we may have a working grill when it is all said and done.

Wise One is off at Camp Auntie in this great city! I miss him terribly. I missed his before he left. I will really miss him tomorrow. And I will miss him more by Thursday because by then I will have had my fill of Rowdy One being the only child and missing Wise One much more than me! Last year he had a wonderful time and we all survived without him. I am sure this year will be the same!


They came!

Our caterpillars are back! We are very excited! We get to watch them from tiny little worm to big ole caterpillar and then many stay around and make their cocoons on our eaves so we get to continue watching their journey. Soon they will be beautiful butterflies, of the monarch sort!

Friday, June 15, 2007


This is what I am thinking about.

Hope you will join me.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The most recent smoothie creation.

In all the literature I have been reading Rowdy One and I need to stick to a very similar diet. Me for migraines and PMS and he for ADD. That is a higher protien higher calcium lower carb diet. Let's just say he is my child.......we love chips. I mean love. Really have a strong affection for them. Like we could write *I heart chips* all over our spiral notebooks in rainbow colors. And neither of us are really big meat eaters. Add to that I am lactose intolerant and he dislikes milk and well we are two peas in a pod.

So I have been looking for a higher protein/calcium combo to get some of this in our body in a way that we can handle. Enter soy milk. Not regular but vanilla or chocolate! Yummy!

Banana Split Smoothie

Chocolate Soy milk, we used 8th continent
one container vanilla yogurt, we used Activia
one banana
4-5 frozen strawberries

Blend in blender and enjoy!


Friday, June 08, 2007

ADD and my child

I am only just begining what I know will be a long ongoing journey with my youngest son. Rowdy One has always been full of life, full of movement, full of emotion for most of his life. And the name I gave him for this blog fits him well. As he grows it is becoming clearer that he has what appears to be classic ADD. I tend to leave the H out because I do not see the hyperactivity in him that is customary for these children. Rowdy yes but to me he is well within the normal area of activity for a happy healthy six year old boy.

Classic ADD symptoms that he exhibits: is easily distracted; has difficulty sustaining attention span; has difficulty following through on tasks and instructions; has difficulty keeping an organized area; has trouble with time; has tendency to lose things; is forgetful; is restless; has trouble sitting still; is noisy; is impulsive. While some are mild more than half are increasing as he ages. One of my main concerns is his impulsiveness. While he does well most of the time I can not ignore the many times he does not. Many red flags go up on a daily basis with him and I can not deny the fact that as a parent and who I am I must investigate and be proactive for my child and my family.

This is the road I am currently on. Learning more, reading, researching, discussing. Making subtle changes. Becoming more of an advocate for him/us so that our family will be better prepared as he ages.

The statistics startle me. Not that I didn’t know what was going on but that my child has a higher percentage of falling into them.

52 percent of untreated teens and adult abuse drugs or alcohol. (many
times as a way to self medicate)

43 percent of untreated
hyperactive boys will be arrested for a felony by the age of 16.

percent of inmates in a number of studies have been found to have ADD. (75 % in
one study)

Parents of ADD children divorce three times more often
than the general population.

Healing ADD The Breakthrough Program That Allows You to See and Heal the 6 Types of ADD by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Labels and statistics can be sticky. Much information is blown out of proportion. Many labels are not used properly. But when I look at the over all picture and take in all that I am reading and seeing it is hard to ignore the facts I see day to day. I do not mind a label that is used to help someone. I have issue with a label given to give someone as an out or excuse. Statistics need to come from several different areas and sides to be useful and balanced. As a responsible parent this is what I am using as my guide for statistic and labels.

My therapist has been telling me that at some point Rowdy One will need to have medication. Not telling me to push it down my throat but telling me so that I have time to get used to the idea. In most of what I am reading I see that she may be right. But there is also a lot my family can do first.

Last week as I sat down to read with Rowdy One I saw up close and personal, and very clearly I might add, some of his struggle. He is a very good reader. He learned quickly and enjoys books. He was reading a story about a frog and a fish to me. He could not finish a page without getting distracted. Not distracted as in frustrated but distracted as in something he read made him think of something else. Fish hid beneath a rock lead him away from the table to look for his rock that looked like what he saw in the book. Frog played hide and seek with fish lead him away from the table to find his Froggy book. And each time he returned he had to find where he was and get back on track. The thought of my child not being able to finish reading a book made me sad. I do not want him to give up on reading at some point because it becomes to difficult to focus. I do not want him to lose the adventures reading will provide him because he can not remember where he was and can’t keep other things from distracting him. That was a crystal clear moment. I have to become proactive. I must.

I am sure I will fill many other posts about this journey. I would love to hear any stories, encouragement, advice or ideas on the subject. Whether it be books to read, diet plans or personal stories. Please fill free to leave a comment or email me directly at njherbst at hotmail dot com.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007


After having several recipes that failed I am so happy that this week the recipes on the menu have been superb!

Last night for dinner we enjoyed Tangy Grilled Pork Tenderloin, rice pilaf( 90 sec Uncle Ben's variety), roasted broccoli and roasted peaches with ricotta and almonds(from a new fav book The Best Life Diet).

Seriously, as we ate Chosen One and I both commented on how nice it is for a recipe to work and be well received by the family. I have tried several things that failed in one or both areas!

Happy Eating!


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Organ Donation

This is a Public Service Announcement on a serious note today at the What Was That? blog.

I have had to sit by 3 friends as they were on the phone with the organ donation staff. I sat next to them as they struggled with a decision they did not want to have to be making but were. They struggled because they did not know what to do and they were already dealing with an overwhelming amount of emotion.

Discuss your choice with your family. Make it known if you do not want to be a donor. Make it known if you do. Just make it known.

It is very hard on a family member to have to make these choices when they are already dealing with so much.

Go here to find out more about being a donor.

The important thing is to let you family know your wishes, either way.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Enchilada Jackpot

I found a new friend! And since she provided me with the best cheese enchilada recipe that I have tasted I will be indebted to her for a long time.

Chosen One and I placed this wonderful creation in our mouths and our eyes met and well......the rest is dinner history. These are the BEST DANG cheese enchiladas this Texas girl has tasted.

Seriously, I wanted to run around the block and give everyone a taste. I called my mother and my sister! We all have a favorite place to get our cheese enchiladas but to be able to create them in your own home, so easily, anytime you want.........well, that is almost to much for a girl to ask for.

I used:
***chicken broth
***regular oregano
***2 cups shredded velvetta and 1 cup shredded cheddar
***and no onion

Go, go now and check out the recipe. Make them tomorrow night. Your family will love you!


Saturday, June 02, 2007

New favorites

Cashed in on some old books and just had to have these. Not to bad, turn in 15 take away 3.

The Wisdom of Forgiveness by The Dalai Lama and Victor Chan

Betty Crocker COOKBOOK

The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene


From the last one I found a new favorite recipe.

Berry Smoothie

1 1/4 cup vanilla soymilk
1 cup frozen unsweetened blueberries
1 6oz container french vanilla yogurt, I used Yoplait.

Mix in a blender and enjoy.

This will become a breakfast for me. YUM-O


Dinner consisted of many new favs.

Beef Tips, one of the best sauces I have tasted.
Rice, this really was that easy.
Veggies, our produce has just not looked good so I checked out the freezer section.

Happy Weekend!


Friday, June 01, 2007

Housekeeping Update

I have finished the labels and I tidied up my links to my friends. Added one, updated addresses and blog names.

Ahhh.....much better. That was bugging me.

Have a great weekend.