Friday, July 07, 2006

Our version of camp.

Wise One just left for "camp". He will be spending the next 5 days with my aunt in this big Texas city. He will be swimming some, walking the dog a lot, kayaking some, he will be hiking some, eating junk food a lot, he will be on his own in a wonderful big city with the fun-est aunt on the planet that will try almost anything. He will have a grand time.

Hopeful he misses his mommy abit!

Rowdy One on the other hand is already long faced and about to cry at the drop of a hat. His brother, whom he is almost always attached at the hip to, has left him for greener pastures. He is sad. He is lonely. He has never been an only child. He doesn't know what to do. Maybe this will help him get over his lonesomness!

Happy Weekend!



RANDI said...

Enjoy your one on one time with the Rowdy One! It is neat to see that the miss their siblings.

lindiepindie said...

I think that is a WONDERFUL version of summer camp! Hopefully we can find a family member to take a child or two when they are older.

Yesterday my #3 walked around asking where his brothers were, since they had gone off to watch the World Cup Final with their dad. We had fun, but he really missed them.

beck said...

OMG OMG! I'm so excited for wise one - he'll have a ball... and rowdy one... goodness he will LOVE that place. matilda and i oohed and ahhed (i actually was IN awe) of the huge sea turtle. so graceful and calm as he swam thru the water. loved it. have FUN!