Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reading and thinking.

"Part of the allowable leisure in a bookstore comes from the product it sells. Books are slow. They require time; they are written slowly, published slowly, and read slowly."

"There may be five thousand copies of this particular book in the world, or fifty thousand, or half a million, all exactly alike, but this one is as rare as if it had been made solely for us. We open to the first page, and the universe unfolds, once upon a time."

"For the past several days I've had the sudden and general urge to buy a new book"
(I always have this urge)
The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop a memoir, a history by Lewis Buzbee

I just started this book and it has already swept me into another place. Funny thing about books, they have that power and it still surprises me.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

All About Cookbooks

I am on a bit of a kick.....a reading cookbooks kick!

Several that have caught my fancy:

Cookies and Brownies by Alice Medrich (Good but I can't figure out why it is $80!)

The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham

Hallelujah! The Welcome Table by Maya Angelou

I am the type of person that likes to read a book from cover to cover. Like the book jacket, the table of contents, the acknowledgements and anything in the back. I find the best things this way. The extras, the back stories. Well cookbooks are no different. I rather like to read them before I try any of the recipes. Kinda like I have to size the author up before I know whether or not I want to try the recipes. If I can relate to the author then I can relate to the recipes.

I have two more stacks......the journey continues.


The bug named Flu....

What do you get when you mix two parents who took the flu shot and two kids who didn't?

TWO KIDS WITH THE FLU! It ain't aerospace science here people.

They have very high fevers......104.1. Loud, painful sounding coughs, grumpy little moods and the will to move no further than the living room. One of them even watched TV with no sound. It was to much effort to turn the sound on.........seriously!

Both are taking Tamiflu, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, Gatorade and the occasional Popsicle....."but nothing tastes good....."

And the parents......washing blankets and sheets, cooking whatever remotely sounds good to eat and catching up on movies.


Thursday, January 08, 2009


I found this picture on our old camera. It is a courthouse on the way to Lake Whitney in 2006. I think in Whitney but I am not sure. I took is as we were driving by. I love buildings, old and new. I think I am going to go through my photos and post several of the buildings I have liked.

**as my trusty commenter helped me out.....the courthouse is in Hillsboro.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I work in a old 1932 two story house. From my office, on the second floor, I have a wonderful view of a large, very old, oak tree.

This was dancing around on it today. Tiny little thing. In the sense that most woodpeckers I have seen are the big, red headed variety.

Tomorrow I am bringing my camera.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Year End

As I browse around blog world I realize......I did not blog much. And I regret that. I regret not being about to look back on my thoughts. I regret not documenting...stuff. So to end the year and start off a new I pledge to document and blog. For all that is happy, all that bugs me, all that happens in our little house.

Because I miss not being able to look back.