Thursday, December 30, 2010

word word

still deciding on the word of 2011 and still living by the word of 2010.

"release" did me well this year. today we released A LOT from the garage.

throughout the year release meant letting go...of feelings, of plans, of emotions, of ideas, of stuff, of people, of me, of expectations, of stuff, of clothes, of paper, of anger, of stuff, of control, of family heirlooms, of dishes, of sadness, of control, of firm grips, of things i thought about myself and others, of me running the show, of toys, of christmas items, of shoes, of family.

you get the idea. lots of things fell into my release attitude. some were easy some so very very hard. but all for the better. truly. i plan to continue to live my release attitude. in hopes that at some point it will be i never "get" it/them in the first place. i pass it/them by the first time so that i do not have to "release" later.

i am really thinking of "organize" or "cherish" for 2011. organize seems so one way but really i could use it could help me in so many ways. not just my tupperware cabinet. but my thoughts, emotions, actions, closet, tupperware cabinet, get the idea. and cherish. a much needed reminder for me. i need to STOP and cherish every single moment. i think cherish is more important. i think. yeah. it is. i will cherish this year. i can always organize. cherish...well i don't need to pass that up.

i didn't expect to make up my mind in a blog post but i did.

CHERISH it is.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

coming down

i think i am coming down from the holiday high. getting close to time to head back to the working world. not that wonderful stretch of many many days off ahead of me. just a couple or so. for some reason the new year is a bit depressing for me. trying to put my finger on that one. trying to understand why. trying to get my emotions in check so they don't get the best of me. is it that i had so many hopes for 2010 and now that the end is near i see how little i accomplished? is it the new year means time is flying by more quickly than i would like? is it i am just a half glass empty kinda gal that has been hiding out for 38 years? or is it that i just exist and don't live fully?

hope i can figure this one out. i would like to shift my outlook at this time of year.

i really am rich beyond means, why so blue then?


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


you're already good enough, you already have more than enough, and you're already perfect.

thank you zen habits!


i am writing this post on my back porch in the chill and the dark.

why? cause the fab chosen one gifted me a laptop for christmas.

that's why.

the end.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

one word

what will my one word be for 2011?

2010 was release. i think i did well with it. it fit. it worked. it was what i needed.

this year.....what fits?











so many words. so many emotions. so many things to tackle.....with just one word.



we received so many gifts this many. nothing we needed to survive our lives. nothing that we could not live without. nothing that if we didn't get we would have not made it.

but so many need things like that. things to survive. things to continue on. touch of comfort and love.

we enjoyed lots of food.....lots. we enjoyed love of family and friendship. we enjoyed conversation and touches of kindness. we enjoyed laughter. we enjoyed the comforts of warmth and in the case of texas christmas a touch of coolness when needed.

as i sit here typing this in my comfy recliner with the ceiling fan on and each of my family enjoying a computer device i realize if i cleared even half of my living room we would still be overly comfortable. if i removed everything, we would still enjoy heat and air, soft carpet and each other.

will i think of this wonderful time when i see the tiny snowflake on my charm bracelet? that was the intention.

when i see the beautiful angel portrait that i really wanted, will see calm me and bring me back to this time of "peace on earth, good will toward men"?

when i pull my new mixing bowls out will i be transported to the wonderful comfort food we shared? like the delicious chicken and dumplings i am eating now.

every time i get on my new laptop will i be thankful for the computer age and enough money to splurge?

i should remember these things. i want to remember these things. i want to be as thankful and in awe of the times i am experiencing. i want to live that way.

as i go over these things i am secretly preparing for the new year. setting a plan to live. change a habit. create a better me....time.....experience. no setting out to lose weight. committing to cut out this or that. promising to cut back. nope, this is more important. more of a change that is needed. more of a balancing act than anything i have set out to do. no i do this and i will "GET" this. just be aware of living really. that is what i will "get". and that is more than plenty. more than i deserve. more than most get.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 2010

Haven't felt like writing much lately. Life, happens. And happens again. And then sneaks up and happens over and over.

I did want to document something about my family. Our sleep patterns.

I can fall asleep on a subway in rush hour traffic. I can sleep anytime and anywhere. One day this may change but for is grand. The Chosen One hates it.

The Chosen One has the hardest time. He hears dust settle at the neighbors house and is awake for hours. He sees a light in the closet, the way back corner under the dressup suitcase, you know the one you forgot you had, yeah he can see the light all the way back in that corner, under piles and he is up for hours. He tosses and turns. He sleeps this way and that way. He has to have his fan on. He has to have his feet covered. He has to have everything just he can sleep for 30 minutes before something wakes him up.

I hurt for him.....and roll over and go to sleep.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am not sure I like his tone..........

Or some of the friends he chooses..............

Or the way he treats his brother sometimes.........

I am not sure I like his reading choices but I still read them with him.......

Or his homework habits...........

Or the fact that he is sleeping without a shirt now..............

He is growing. He is working hard at this growing. He is changing before my eyes. Most days this saddens me. I want to bottle him at 5 or so.

He is becoming his own person. The person he will be. He is being guided by Him.....I know this. I pray for this. I have faith in this.....

He still calls me mommy.

He still wants me to tuck him in.

He still wants me to talk/read to him while he takes a shower.

He is still my little boy....only with bigger feet and bigger ideas!


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Second Month

This second month of 2010 finds me sad......mostly for all the couples around me that are breaking up/on the verge/deeply struggling. I count seven off the top of my head. I am sure if I made a list it would be more. Some are very very close to me and others are not. But I am sad for all.

In keeping with me one little word of RELEASE I am praying daily and releasing the sadness that I feel. It is alot for me to do this. It is a huge baby step for me to make this happen. Pray and RELEASE. This is for my own mental health. The sadness of what I feel seems to stick to me like glue in times like these. I must RELEASE. It is not easy. It is not simple. It is not natural.

But I will............

Sunday, January 10, 2010



::::liberation - the act of liberating someone or something

::::let go of

::::free from something that holds back, binds or fastens

::::a process that liberates or discharges something

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Rowdy One talks alot....and usually when I am listening to my favorite song, or reading the best part of a book....when I am deep in conversation with someone or myself, when I want to hear every drop of the rain....or when I desperately need quiet. Rowdy One is talking.......

Normally it is some fact that I could care less about or a question I have already answered at least a million times. Demands, arguing or trying to get his point across, a point that many times makes no sense at all.

I try to listen to what I am wanting to listen to and tune him out. I try. And sometimes I do.

But sometimes I don't and out of the millions of words he speaks in a day....sometimes they are the sweetest words I have ever heard. Sometimes they are wise beyond his years. They are funny or tender or smart or helpful.

I must release what I think I should hear and listen to Him thru him.

Release my ideas of what my ears want to hear and hear what I am meant to hear.

I have missed alot doing it my way. This year I will do it His way.

Release and in turn receive.


Word for 2010.......