Wednesday, December 29, 2010

coming down

i think i am coming down from the holiday high. getting close to time to head back to the working world. not that wonderful stretch of many many days off ahead of me. just a couple or so. for some reason the new year is a bit depressing for me. trying to put my finger on that one. trying to understand why. trying to get my emotions in check so they don't get the best of me. is it that i had so many hopes for 2010 and now that the end is near i see how little i accomplished? is it the new year means time is flying by more quickly than i would like? is it i am just a half glass empty kinda gal that has been hiding out for 38 years? or is it that i just exist and don't live fully?

hope i can figure this one out. i would like to shift my outlook at this time of year.

i really am rich beyond means, why so blue then?


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