Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh it just keeps getting funnier in this house.

Wise One just came in with a spinnie thingie he made with his K'nex.

He said "look mommy spin the bottle"

"What was that?"

"You know, spin the bottle."

"What do you know about spin the bottle?"

"Well, you spin the bottle and whoever it points to, you kiss."

"Have you ever played spin the bottle?"

"No ma'am. Have you?"

"No sir."

"Would you play with me?"

blink. blink, blink.

"Why, yes, I will."

Sweet little boy of mine wants to play spin the bottle with his mommy! If you don't find this even a little bit funny...I can't help. It is hilarious to me. And sweet. And I am telling him that you ONLY play spin the bottle with your mommy! EVER! And I mean ever.....if a girl ever tries to get you to play, tell her GROSS. You hear me..... say it with me....GROSS! (a mommy can dream, right?)

"Hey, Wise One, go tell your daddy what you want to play."

"Hey daddy I am playing spin the bottle."

"WHAT????" I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

I have a sick humor sometimes, I know, sue me!

Have a belly laugh tonight,


Oh for Pete's Sake!

I am obsessed.

The Chosen One just came in to tell me something and in my head I was writing it in a blog entry.

Step away from the key board, little missy!

Between this and Dr. Pepper you are really walking on the edge here!

"Hello, my name is Lyn.

I am addicted to Dr. Pepper AND blogging."

Randomness on a Thursday, no less...

First off, is randomness a word? Well, works for me......

Is it just me or has Katie Holmes be pregnant for like EVER!!!!

Just sayin'


The Chosen One rearranged the living room today. It gave me such laughter when the dog came in and did a double take. Really, was F.U.N.N.Y. Can you imagine his dog thought "Am I in the right house?" giggle, giggle, giggle


Wise One and Rowdy One are playing so good this afternoon. Just their chatter and laughter makes me smile. They really have their own language. So sweet. One day they will be big strappin' men but today they are sweet, curious, little boys.


I want to homeschool. The boys want to homeschool. The Chosen One is a bit more reserved. But, I want to homeschool and the boys want to homeschool so he has to come around, right?

big decisions..............several concerns.............heart strings tugging...


Money, not always my friend, a little to controlling.


Humanities class just makes me wonder.......and read more..........I love it!


Prepare for a fresh day tomorrow, FRIDAY,


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why the Chosen One was chosen...

I came home today to a VERY clean house. Fresh smelling, clean floors, clean sink, laundry done, bed made, dishes put a way.................ahhhhh.......he is so very good to me!

It is rainy out and I have my Humanities class tonight and it is hump day and I am tired. It was so nice to come home to a freshly cleaned house, knowing he did it all for me. To make me feel good. To make me feel a bit more relaxed when I got home tonight. I am enjoying it. The thought, the act, the man. The Chosen One.

What was that? You say, can he come to your house? Not a chance, I am keeping him all to myself.

Really enjoy the nice things someone does for you today,


From the Archives of My Brain

When Wise One was around 3 we passed by an auto mechanic that was working on serveral buses. Wise One looked at the short, little buses and said,

"Look Mommy, those buses haven't grown up yet!"

Still makes me smile when I see the short buses.

Remember something funny today,


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thoughts...for a slower pace

I am really looking for a slower pace in life. Slower moments. Slower thougths. Slower eating. Slower growth. Just slower...........

Maybe because I am aging. My parents are aging. My kids are aging. I notice it. I see the aging. I remember a time when I just thought everyone looked the same everytime I saw them. Now with each day I am faced with the aging process. While at times it is depressing most days it is not, I just notice it, and realize that a year is really fast in my life with my family. I remember turning 25 with no kids and now 7 1/2 years later I look back and think....where did those years go?

I am not hung up on looking younger or acting younger or keeping my kids at this sweet age. No, I just want to enjoy the aging a little more. Slow down the things that are aging so I can really soak it all in. I want to bathe in it instead of showering.

I look forward to growing old with The Chosen One. I look forward to The Wise One and The Rowdy One growing and maturing. I just want to slow down a bit and breathe it in.

Sometimes I look back and see that I really don't remember much of an event because I was busy preparing for it or cleaning up after it. But what about the event? Why couldn't I slow down to get a clear memory of it. Am I just in a fog? Am I really in the moment? If I am not, where am I?

I wake up Monday and can't wait until Friday. I am tired of living that way.

Slow down. That is my goal. Slow down and stop and.....yeah you got it, smell the roses!

Slow down and make a memory tonight,


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friends on the Net

I received a couple of surprises from some Friends on the Net today.

First, I came home to discover this on my front step! Oh, it is sooo soft. The colors are sooooo pretty and I feel sooooo girly with it on my arm!!! Thank you Randi! I am gonna have to keep my eye on it as I am sure I have a couple of friends and a sister that will try to take it off my hands! ;)

Then, I went here to check on the baby update and as I was looking at her friends on the sidebar I see What Was That? listed! That's me! I have been PUBLISHED......well, linked, well, I am a virgin been linked girl, well I was, so this is a big deal! Thank, Lani! How sweet of you!

I do not blog to be linked, I blog to share my thoughts, feeling and ideas. I blog to release. I blog to inspire. I blog to vent. I blog to belong. And I would still blog if no one commented but I have made a couple new friends just from bloggin' and commentin' and that makes me happy!

Friends, so nice to have you, hope you come and sit awhile and we get to know each other better along the way,


Just how many questions can a 5 year old ask?

The drive from my parent's house to our house is about 10 minutes. The following are some of the questions Rowdy One asked on our ride home tonight........if you have someone under the age of oh lets say 9 you probably can relate.

If you fly a kite and it gets struck my lighting will you die?

Are there spirits floating all around us?

Do you die with your clothes on? (as we pass the local cemetary)

If you die without your clothes do they put clothes on you when they put you in the box?

Are all people in a box?

Why does OPEN always have lights around it?

If the fair is not here is it in some other place? (as we pass our fairgrounds)

Are they on tour?

What happens if you don't stop at a stop sign?

I don't think a taco and a bell go together. (as we pass the Taco Bell drive thru)

I want to drive a big truck. And bring cookies to the stores. Can I do that?

When can I drive?

When did you drive?

Have you ever been in a wreck?

How come?

Did that person go to jail?

What happens in jail?

Do you live there forever?

I have allergies.

sneeze, snort, sneeze, SNNOOORRRTTTT

How come my brother doesn't have allergies?

All in a days work for a 5 year old brain. So much to learn and get straight and understand. 5 years is only 60 months. That seems so short, 5 years seems so long. If we had bought a car it would have been paid off by now. Instead we had a kid that is just getting started. Funny, life.......

Be curious, you might just find out why a 5 year old thinks spirits are floating around him,


I know...I know

I am supposed to be enjoying the sunshine but I had to do some house things first and these thoughts are stuck in my head........

I do not think that I expressed my love to my ice maker as I should have. I do not think I told it how much I loved it, needed it and desired the perfectly cubed ice it gave me. I don't think I made sure it had all it needed and was comfortable in it's job surroundings. Cause now that it has gone on strike and obviously burned up it's motor in anger and now that I realize the new kids on the block are very expensive, I realize I treated my trusty, dependable ice maker badly. I am so very sorry. Please treat your ice makers with respect and gratitude. You will realize when you need a nice iced Dr. Pepper and you reach in and find no ice, how you wronged your ice maker and wish you could make it up to him.

AND it has never attacked you in the middle of the night like SOME appliances have! (Blenders are the devil just see the post from the 18th)


Boys, men, male human beings CAN NOT put their socks in the dirty clothes hamper. I do not care how many times they complain of mis-matched socks, to which you say "well if you would put them in the hamper we would not have one get washed and one still under the couch!" Or how many times you move the dirty clothes hamper to better fit their needs. Or how many times you say in a very nice, strong, motherly voice (YELL). They will not put there sock in the dirty clothes hamper. Just go ahead and pick another battle.


Dr. Pepper is the nectar of the gods. It is as strong as a drug or alcohol when you are trying to give it up. Nothing makes you feel as good on a hot day than an ice cold Dr. Pepper. Sure I read the stats. Bad for you, to much sugar and other garbage. Sure, read em, seriously think of kicking the habit and then bam....struggling day and nothing calms the frazzled nerves like Dr. Pepper. Nothing soothes a raging headache like Dr. Pepper. Nothing goes down so smooth as Dr. Pepper.

No need to send the support numbers I KNOW I need help with this addiction.


The children could not handle The Chosen One trying to quit smoking, which he is doing a fabulous job at by the way, and me trying to quit DP. They would not survive.

Okay, the sun is calling.

Find a smile today and return it with a nice, big, toothy, happy to be here grin,

Lyn :)

Sunny Saturday

Thankfully, today is bright and sunny! I am recommending to myself that I get out and enjoy the sunshine! Enjoy the boys playing in the sunshine and pack the deep thoughts away for a day!

On the homefront we are watching our butterflies and caterpillars closely. We planted butterfly weed about 2 years ago and we love the time when the caterpillars come and eat until they are fat and happy and then dissapear. Well, guess what? This year they decided to stay and let us watch the metamorphosis. They have hung themselves up on the eaves of our house. We have about 5 we are watching closely and more caterpillars by the day. It is so much fun. Last year we watched the tiny little caterpillars come and eat and leave big and fat. This year we are watching the whole thing! The boys are so eager to go out each day and "see" what the caterpillars are up to.

My friend, sent by God, you remember her, she volunteered to take my boys to the movies on a day when THAT. WAS. EXACTLY. WHAT. I. NEEDED., remember the one, you would never forget her is she were your friend. Well, her mother is down visiting this weekend and she just looked so happy yesterday taking her mother all around and introducing her to everyone. It made my heart happy and I am carrying it over to today just imagining all the fun things they are doing and all the wonderful conversations they are having.

The Chosen One and I had dinner out last night, just the two of us and then came home and watched The Skeleton Key and Cold Creek Manor, ALL ALONE! It was wonderful. No chatter. Just us. We could watch a couple of creepy movies without being on kid patrol. Those times are so nice to rejuvenate. We didn't even talk that much. It was nice to just BE. Old married couple, I know, but it was great.

Now off to a sunny day, with happy energetic kids, and a good read. I am thinking about reading Because of Winn- Dixie, again. Just for something light and heartwarming.

Find some sun today and rest in it for a bit,


Thursday, March 23, 2006


I was not gonna be a downer like this but then again, I blog to release my thoughts and feelings is a downer. I will release and then feel better, right?

I have cried or been on the verge of crying all day. I am gonna list all the things I have thought about/cried about today.

Some happy most sad but crying all the same.....

a 23 year old's funeral
my friend who has cancer
my sons who are just so sweet and stressful at the same time
my friend who buried her son today
my friend who buried her son 3 years ago
my grandmother who died of cancer when I was in 6th grade, I miss her the older I get. what advice would she had given me? I can still hear her voice.
there is a new little baby across the street and that is so hopeful
my mother in law who has cancer
my brother in law who is being a jerk and I! we need some peace, selfish man.
my friend who moved away who would so be the one I would cry to today, she would make me feel all better and justified and talk me through it . she would empower me for letting it all out
I am so tired and just want to cry...cuz I am so tired
my father in law came home from the hospital today

Sometimes I don't cry for awhile and then I have a day like today. I am not a big crier so when I have these days I feel like I must purge and let it all out. So far today I have stopped it from coming more than I have just let it go. That brings on a headache.

I long for sleep tonight and a fresh start tomorrow. Yes, a fresh start. I get a fresh start tomorrow......tomorrow.......

Until then I will cry and get it all out,


No, not today.

I am attending the funeral of the man that was killed in the car wreck that I mentioned earlier this week.

I don't want to go. I just don't want to. If I go then I have to face his mother, my friend, and know she will never see her son's smile, hear his voice or his laugh, until she reaches Heaven and that may be a very long time.

She will say a final good bye today. I do not want to go. I want to go back to bed and pretend it was all a dream. If this is how I feel, Lord, what is she feeling?

I keeping thinking of the mother across the street that woke up the other day with no idea that in a couple of hours she would be called mother. She kept telling me, with a big smile, "I can't believe she is here!"

Then my friend who got up one morning and carried on her day only to learn that night her son was dead. She kept saying, with tears falling, "I can't believe he is gone!"

Life is weird. That is the only word that I can type. Weird....fair and unfair all at the same time. Happy and sad. Angry and pleased. Light and dark. Hot and cold. Windy and fun and still and lonely.

I don't want to go,


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pink on the block

We have a new neighbor. A 3 day old baby girl!!!!

I noticed a stork sign in my neighbors yard announcing a baby girl. I had not noticed the neighbor being pregnant so I went to investigate, the nosy neighbor that I am, and was greeted with a wonderful story that warmed my heart.

Apparantly they had an adoption fall through a while back so they were just waiting but had nothing in the works. And then on Tuesday she got a call at work from the agency that said "Come and meet your new daughter!" How cool is that?! The agency had not wanted to get the family's hopes up so they did not notify them until all the steps had been taken and it was a for sure thing. Imagine waking up and having no idea you would be getting a call in a few hours that would make you a MOM!!!!

Really lifted my spirits! She is sooo sweet and so tiny and dressed all in pink. New life. I wanted to bring her home with ME!

Celebrate life today, in some small way, celebrate it,


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why he is The Chosen One

Okay, so there are alot of days I cuss my hubby and he is not referred to, in a nice tone, as the Chosen One. And then there are days when, yeah, I could take him or leave him, usually when I am doing laundry......AND THEN, there are days, like today, when he is THE Chosen One. Top Dog. Head Honcho. Hot Thing. Love of my life. Master and Protector....well, not I am getting a little carried away......Master......if you know me you are laughing and so is he!!!!!

Today The Chosen One spent the day at the boys school. They attend a small, private, Catholic school. It is like a second family and we love it there. Well, we as in the boys, love it there and we like the things they do. But after today I think I will have to sign The Chosen One up for classes. He spent the day dividing his time between Prek 4 and 2nd grade. Well, needless to say he was a big hit in 2nd grade PE. Who wouldn't want a 6 foot 4 player on your team for Octopus! He tells me he just sat and watched.....yeah like I believe that! He learned about seeds and plants in PreK4. And was quiet entertained with how our boys were in there school setting. Then he went through the lunch line and had lasagna, chocolate milk and vanilla pudding. What a day. His smile was across his face as he told me the story. It was so sweet and endearing and made me fall in love with him all over again. And THEN I got to see the boys faces light up as they recapped their day that daddy spent with them. Is there anything sweeter???? Nope, not today!

Kiss your loved one today, like there is no other one in the universe for you,


Monday, March 20, 2006

Light and airy

That is what the weather is like and thankfully that is what my mood is like at the moment. I am keeping the heavy thoughts at bay for a bit.


So I asked Wise One what they could ask those "suspected" pirates that would prove then are pirates. (see post below)

"Well, if they had eye patches and hats stashed on the boat. And if they were missing teeth. If they had all their teeth then they are for sure not the real thing."

"Oh and maps. Pirates won't fall for this computer stuff."

So folks, there you have it. I feel secure he still has enough wonder in him to not be too concerned.


My friend whom I will call e - for all of the above - stated she has never been blogged about. Well, e, now you have. Waves to you!

Seriously, e and I have gotten to know each other fairly well this past year and at times I think we may have been seperated at birth. I can say and do whatever comes to mind and some how, most of the time, she gets it. Or at least appears to get it. I would think if she truly thought I was crazy she would avoid me and she doesn't so I am guessing she is okay with my weird sense of humor. Sometimes a bit to dark, sometimes a bit to mean, sometimes a bit to goofy, sometimes a bit to nosy but sometimes she SNORTS when she laughs and then I know it is all good!

Everyone needs some friends they can be totally comfortable with and I have been blessed with e.


The Chosen one is at Central Market calling me to see what I want. Now if I were there I would being seeing all KINDS of things I want but over the phone can't. think. of. one. thing. Love Dip...oh yes, Love Dip. If you live close to one you must try the Love Dip. Yum! Not sure why is called that because it is rather garlicky and I can not imagine anyone feeling the love with garlic breath but maybe that floats some peoples boat.

Smile today, even if it is at yourself in the mirror, somedays that is all we have,


Sunday, March 19, 2006

One more

Rowdy One came in for an extra hug and kiss tonight.

"One more mommy."

Does he know his mommy is sad and this would make her heart skip a beat?

I think he does.

One more to the ones you love,


Life is so fragile

Today I got a call from my friend that was not good news. One of our friend's son was killed in a car wreck last night.

He was 23. He was happy, life of the party, always kissed his mama good bye and good night, was polite and a gentleman. He loved life and enjoyed the things he did to the fullest. Many times his mother would fret over decisions he made or the things he did and all the while he was content and happy to be ridin' the ride. He never showed any anger toward anyone and would drop what he was doing to help someone out. My kids loved him. He would wrestle with them, let them hang all over him and always do whatever he was doing "just one more time". He had grown and matured into someone we were all proud to know.

How does a mother say good bye to a child? How does a mother face the fact that she will never see his eyes light up again? How does a mother deal with never seeing his happy smile coming around the corner? How does a mother bury her son? A son, so full of life and dreams. A son that was a total mama's boy even when she was ready for him to go face the world on his own.

This is my second close friend that has had to bury a child. And there are no words for the pain you watch them go through.

And whether you want it to or not is affects you deeply. On a mother level. On a "Please God don't let it happen to me" level.

I have had a couple of glimpses of near death with Rowdy One. One when he was 9 months old and had a blood thing they never figured out but thought was leukemia for awhile and we had to go through tests and tests before it was ruled out. And another time with Rowdy One, not even 6 months ago when he was found at the bottom of a friend's pool. No pulse, CPR revived him. He came to and screamed for his mommy. Close calls. Brushes with death. A glance at life without him. It almost killed me. My anxiety still gets the best of me sometimes. How would I survive the death of a child?

How does one cope, sleep, breath, for God's sake. How does one get up and put one foot in front of the other. I know they do, I have seen them do it. But how?

Tonight I will do what I do in times like this. Hold them a little extra tighter and longer. Tell them I love them and smile through the tears. Smell the tops of their little boy heads. Pick their growing bodies up and carry them to bed. Tuck them in a little snugger and lay down with them till they fall asleep. Watch them sleep, breath and dream. That is what I will do. This is what I do at a time like this, because I don't know what else to do.

Please say a prayer for my friend tonight,


Sunday Thoughts

I am cleaning out my head as well as cleaning off my desk for the coming week. So beware. What you will see below represents what is in my head most of the time. It all makes NO sense when you see it all together, but then again this blog is about my life, so you can thank your lucky stars these are my jumbled thoughts and not yours!

1) I just cleaned my stovetop so I can expect to have everything I cook boil over in the next week.

2) I once worked with a man named Ollie, like 8 years ago. Was his name really Oliver? (WHY IS THIS IN MY HEAD?)

3) Why can I not keep the clutter at bay. I am a OCD failure in that area.

4) I need to make the house payment and pay the water bill. I said that last week too, so this week I am SERIOUS!

5) I am hungry for Tacos.

6) I have homework I need to do. I have had 2 weeks to do it. Why is it not done?

7) If you have a bored, chatty 7 year old just hand him his dad's Strait-Line Laser Level and you can sit back and enjoy a battle straight out of Star Wars, with sound effects and everything. Note to self: flashing into a ceiling fan IS pretty cool!

8) How do boys make all those sounds? I have a hard time whistling. Remember to google that.

9) Texas weather keeps you guessing. Yesterday it was a very windy, chilly 50's and today hot, humid, 70's. And we wonder why we are always sniffling.

10) I need to replant the bottle brush tree Four Legged One is currently trying to kill by digging all the way around it. Not digging it up FOR me. No, no just making sure it dies a slow death is I don't get out there and save it.

Clear your heads today of all the garble and focus on something pretty,


Saturday, March 18, 2006


"Wise One, Wise One, come here and look at this."

"What is it?"

"Read it. See you always wondered if pirates were real. Now you have proof. They do still exist in a far off sea."

"Mommy, it says "suspected", they haven't been proven guilty YET!"

Funny, I never had him pegged for a defense attorney!

What really gets me is at seven, I am not sure I could read and understand the word STOP, let alone suspected. Geez.....bratty wise one.

Find a kid that challenges you today and let yourself stand in awe for a moment,


Just in case this ever happens to YOU.

Just in case you are ever sound asleep at about 2:56 in the morning and you suddenly hear what sounds like a chainsaw in your living room. Do not fear. It is the blender you forgot to unplug and it has SOMEHOW turned on to high and is doing what it does, blending.

I thought we were either being filmed for the next "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", that no one told us about OR our house was being attacked by some mad weed wacker. It scared the CRAP-O-LA out of me! And the Wise One. Everyone else, slept through the whole bizarro thing. Slept. Through being attacked in the middle of the night by the blender. What is up with that? And I trusted the Chosen One would save me. HA! I am not longer safe in that thought. He. never. even. knew. what. was. going. on!

The next morning, after I got NO MORE sleep because a) my blender turned on for no apparent reason and that just creeped me out and b) I knew the Chosen One was not in protection mode AND c) big bad protecter of the family, four legged one, didn't even BARK.....I asked the Chosen One if he knew what happened last night. No what? Oh nothing, just the alien mother ship tried to take back what we stole and Wise One and myself had to protect the family with our bare hands.


Blink. Blink.

Man, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

No sir, you see you have to be asleep to wake up and I have not been asleep since 2:56 THIS MORNING!!!!!!!

In further news on this event, the Wise One with not go NEAR the blender!

People, I really could not make. this. stuff. up.

Unplug those appliances,


Friday, March 17, 2006

One last thought for the day

Brad and Angelina ~ just for the heck of it and it would be a really good laugh, would you release the name of your kid as "Brangelina"? You don't really have to name him/her that, but release a statement calling him/her that. Please? I think it would be real funny! And if you said he/she was like 30 pounds at birth, that would be even better.

Just sayin',


Peace, in a round about way

A wonderful friend, who was sent from God today, you are sure of, offered to take the boys to the movies.

What. was. that? You are volunterring to take BOTH of the boys to the movies? Dear Lord, woman, where have you been all my life??

So, picture it. Quiet house, ice cold Dr. Pepper sitting next to you, blank computer screen that you get to lose yourself in, at you own pace and look at whatever your little heart desires.....can you say, books, linens, much as you want, uninterrupted for at least an hour.

Some Celtic music would be nice. Limewire, here you come. You have your picks. Press play harder......nada.......little volume thing moving so you know someone, somewhere is hearing your music BUT. NOT. YOU. Dang nab it! Start fishing around.........fiddle with this. Fiddle with that. Nope nothing working. Where is the Chosen One when you need him? Oh, maybe it is this. Nope. Oh come on time is a wastin'. And then you see it.......................

The dog, whom you love most days, has chewed through the speaker wire.

Screaming would not help. Crying, may make you feel dramatic, but would not help. Kicking dog, outside. Helped a bit but not really, he keeps your feet warm while you are on the computer.

Nothing will help, so you hum. and hum. and giggle. and then realize that you need the silence more than the humming or Celtic music. When is the house ever quiet? What was that? Never, is right.

Enjoy some silence tonight.


Happy Saint Patrick's Day

What does one do in the pursuit of being declared “the Best Mommy in the Whole Wide World”?

What was that?

You say let them make FLUBBER?

But of course, you are right! Add to it some green food coloring and you have a wonderful St. Patty’s Day tribute.

Enjoy the fun!

Yesterday we started off with a doctor's appt for Wise One. He has had a pain in his hip that we have been saying "oh you are just growing" but that has gotten so bad at times that he asked me to send a note so he could sit out in PE. That is when I knew I had to face the fact that all is not well in the hip area, time to call in the professionals. So we drive to the dr, me thinking, oh she is gonna say it is nothing "growing pains, get used to 'em". Nope, not what I heard. She did a few things with him and then proceeded to write some things down and request that we go to the local children's hospital to have an xray and blood work. What was that? Did you say blood work and xray. Well, yes she did in fact, say those things and then followed it with, "to rule a few things out". Giving me the "look" that no parent wants to get and I have already gotten once with the same dr in regards to Rowdy One.

Rowdy One was of course fine back then and as of 4:45 yesterday we found out Wise One is fine as well. But oh the flashes in the mother's mind. Oh the thoughts of horror and despair. Oh the tears that needed to fall but did not so that my child would think "Mom's not falling about, so I am not falling apart".

As she explained to me that the labs and xrays where fine, I could not help but see all the families that I passed yesterday that did not get a clean bill of health. All the kids I passed hooked up to IV's, with shaved little heads with scars, walking with walkers and canes. I will pray for those families tonight. That they may have strength and healing. That God may guide them through. And thank Him that today our family was spared. My child is healthy with some intense growing pains we will continue to watch and be thankful for.

Be thankful today,Lyn

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A few other things about me.

An introduction of sorts to get us started......

I am not a girly girl, per se, but I do not get to enjoy much pink so that is why I picked it for my blog. I don't like a lot of it but enough to remind me that yes, I am a girl, in a house of MALE-NESS!

I am not a great speller. My brain just focuses on other things and sometimes, most of the time, correct spelling escapes me. Even when it is a word I know. Can't recall it. Nope, not in the brain rolodex. I can tell you if the dog has eaten, if the kids have homework, when the garbage needs to be taken out and what time the neightbor arrives home from work. But spell a word correctly? Not to save my life!

I usually miss the quote, terribly. I have friends and the Chosen One that can quote things verbatim. Things they heard from movies in 10th grade, that was EIGHTEEN years ago, for God's sake. They remember words to songs, poerty, what people said. Heck, even my kids can do it. Me, I want to remember but I end up mixing it all up. You will see examples soon enough. I know you will laugh out loud. And that is okay. Spreading joy in the world is my purpose!!!

More on this later,


What's in a name?

So I have decided to join the world of blogging. A title for the blog seemed easy enough. What am I most often overheard saying........that can be put in print!

What was that?

as in ~ a quiet hold my breath whisper when I hear something go bump in the night...

as in ~ are all the children and animals accounted for because that sounded dangerously like two little boys up to no good!

as in ~ I. dare. you. to. repeat. what. you. just. said.

as in ~ being passed on the freeway by something that should have been in the junkyard 20 years ago.....

as in ~ out with my girlfriends and we spot a helpless guy trying to pick up a mate. (at the same time we are so thankful we are married)

as in ~ oh my goodness why is the car/dryer/blender/dog/kid making that sound.......

as in ~ I must have wax build up in my ears because I thought you just asked me to fix you something to drink after I just sat down and got comfy on the couch since being on my feet for what 300 hours straight!

as in ~ say it again love, how much you adore/worship/love me.....

It is all in the tone and mood. With a man and two little boys and one big dog, I am usually referring to something I wish I were not........but that is my life and I love the adventures I am given on a daily basis.

Welcome to my world, what was that? Did you say you are happy to be here? I thought so!