Saturday, March 25, 2006

I know...I know

I am supposed to be enjoying the sunshine but I had to do some house things first and these thoughts are stuck in my head........

I do not think that I expressed my love to my ice maker as I should have. I do not think I told it how much I loved it, needed it and desired the perfectly cubed ice it gave me. I don't think I made sure it had all it needed and was comfortable in it's job surroundings. Cause now that it has gone on strike and obviously burned up it's motor in anger and now that I realize the new kids on the block are very expensive, I realize I treated my trusty, dependable ice maker badly. I am so very sorry. Please treat your ice makers with respect and gratitude. You will realize when you need a nice iced Dr. Pepper and you reach in and find no ice, how you wronged your ice maker and wish you could make it up to him.

AND it has never attacked you in the middle of the night like SOME appliances have! (Blenders are the devil just see the post from the 18th)


Boys, men, male human beings CAN NOT put their socks in the dirty clothes hamper. I do not care how many times they complain of mis-matched socks, to which you say "well if you would put them in the hamper we would not have one get washed and one still under the couch!" Or how many times you move the dirty clothes hamper to better fit their needs. Or how many times you say in a very nice, strong, motherly voice (YELL). They will not put there sock in the dirty clothes hamper. Just go ahead and pick another battle.


Dr. Pepper is the nectar of the gods. It is as strong as a drug or alcohol when you are trying to give it up. Nothing makes you feel as good on a hot day than an ice cold Dr. Pepper. Sure I read the stats. Bad for you, to much sugar and other garbage. Sure, read em, seriously think of kicking the habit and then bam....struggling day and nothing calms the frazzled nerves like Dr. Pepper. Nothing soothes a raging headache like Dr. Pepper. Nothing goes down so smooth as Dr. Pepper.

No need to send the support numbers I KNOW I need help with this addiction.


The children could not handle The Chosen One trying to quit smoking, which he is doing a fabulous job at by the way, and me trying to quit DP. They would not survive.

Okay, the sun is calling.

Find a smile today and return it with a nice, big, toothy, happy to be here grin,

Lyn :)

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