Thursday, March 30, 2006

Oh it just keeps getting funnier in this house.

Wise One just came in with a spinnie thingie he made with his K'nex.

He said "look mommy spin the bottle"

"What was that?"

"You know, spin the bottle."

"What do you know about spin the bottle?"

"Well, you spin the bottle and whoever it points to, you kiss."

"Have you ever played spin the bottle?"

"No ma'am. Have you?"

"No sir."

"Would you play with me?"

blink. blink, blink.

"Why, yes, I will."

Sweet little boy of mine wants to play spin the bottle with his mommy! If you don't find this even a little bit funny...I can't help. It is hilarious to me. And sweet. And I am telling him that you ONLY play spin the bottle with your mommy! EVER! And I mean ever.....if a girl ever tries to get you to play, tell her GROSS. You hear me..... say it with me....GROSS! (a mommy can dream, right?)

"Hey, Wise One, go tell your daddy what you want to play."

"Hey daddy I am playing spin the bottle."

"WHAT????" I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

I have a sick humor sometimes, I know, sue me!

Have a belly laugh tonight,


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Praying for your Prodigal said...

WTG! That is a perfect example of how to sneak a parenting lesson in at any time!