Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pink on the block

We have a new neighbor. A 3 day old baby girl!!!!

I noticed a stork sign in my neighbors yard announcing a baby girl. I had not noticed the neighbor being pregnant so I went to investigate, the nosy neighbor that I am, and was greeted with a wonderful story that warmed my heart.

Apparantly they had an adoption fall through a while back so they were just waiting but had nothing in the works. And then on Tuesday she got a call at work from the agency that said "Come and meet your new daughter!" How cool is that?! The agency had not wanted to get the family's hopes up so they did not notify them until all the steps had been taken and it was a for sure thing. Imagine waking up and having no idea you would be getting a call in a few hours that would make you a MOM!!!!

Really lifted my spirits! She is sooo sweet and so tiny and dressed all in pink. New life. I wanted to bring her home with ME!

Celebrate life today, in some small way, celebrate it,


1 comment:

RANDI said...

I love, love , love baby girls--they are always so wonderful!

Enjoy your tiny new neighbor!