Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

I am cleaning out my head as well as cleaning off my desk for the coming week. So beware. What you will see below represents what is in my head most of the time. It all makes NO sense when you see it all together, but then again this blog is about my life, so you can thank your lucky stars these are my jumbled thoughts and not yours!

1) I just cleaned my stovetop so I can expect to have everything I cook boil over in the next week.

2) I once worked with a man named Ollie, like 8 years ago. Was his name really Oliver? (WHY IS THIS IN MY HEAD?)

3) Why can I not keep the clutter at bay. I am a OCD failure in that area.

4) I need to make the house payment and pay the water bill. I said that last week too, so this week I am SERIOUS!

5) I am hungry for Tacos.

6) I have homework I need to do. I have had 2 weeks to do it. Why is it not done?

7) If you have a bored, chatty 7 year old just hand him his dad's Strait-Line Laser Level and you can sit back and enjoy a battle straight out of Star Wars, with sound effects and everything. Note to self: flashing into a ceiling fan IS pretty cool!

8) How do boys make all those sounds? I have a hard time whistling. Remember to google that.

9) Texas weather keeps you guessing. Yesterday it was a very windy, chilly 50's and today hot, humid, 70's. And we wonder why we are always sniffling.

10) I need to replant the bottle brush tree Four Legged One is currently trying to kill by digging all the way around it. Not digging it up FOR me. No, no just making sure it dies a slow death is I don't get out there and save it.

Clear your heads today of all the garble and focus on something pretty,


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