Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why he is The Chosen One

Okay, so there are alot of days I cuss my hubby and he is not referred to, in a nice tone, as the Chosen One. And then there are days when, yeah, I could take him or leave him, usually when I am doing laundry......AND THEN, there are days, like today, when he is THE Chosen One. Top Dog. Head Honcho. Hot Thing. Love of my life. Master and Protector....well, not I am getting a little carried away......Master......if you know me you are laughing and so is he!!!!!

Today The Chosen One spent the day at the boys school. They attend a small, private, Catholic school. It is like a second family and we love it there. Well, we as in the boys, love it there and we like the things they do. But after today I think I will have to sign The Chosen One up for classes. He spent the day dividing his time between Prek 4 and 2nd grade. Well, needless to say he was a big hit in 2nd grade PE. Who wouldn't want a 6 foot 4 player on your team for Octopus! He tells me he just sat and watched.....yeah like I believe that! He learned about seeds and plants in PreK4. And was quiet entertained with how our boys were in there school setting. Then he went through the lunch line and had lasagna, chocolate milk and vanilla pudding. What a day. His smile was across his face as he told me the story. It was so sweet and endearing and made me fall in love with him all over again. And THEN I got to see the boys faces light up as they recapped their day that daddy spent with them. Is there anything sweeter???? Nope, not today!

Kiss your loved one today, like there is no other one in the universe for you,


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