Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friends on the Net

I received a couple of surprises from some Friends on the Net today.

First, I came home to discover this on my front step! Oh, it is sooo soft. The colors are sooooo pretty and I feel sooooo girly with it on my arm!!! Thank you Randi! I am gonna have to keep my eye on it as I am sure I have a couple of friends and a sister that will try to take it off my hands! ;)

Then, I went here to check on the baby update and as I was looking at her friends on the sidebar I see What Was That? listed! That's me! I have been PUBLISHED......well, linked, well, I am a virgin been linked girl, well I was, so this is a big deal! Thank, Lani! How sweet of you!

I do not blog to be linked, I blog to share my thoughts, feeling and ideas. I blog to release. I blog to inspire. I blog to vent. I blog to belong. And I would still blog if no one commented but I have made a couple new friends just from bloggin' and commentin' and that makes me happy!

Friends, so nice to have you, hope you come and sit awhile and we get to know each other better along the way,



flowerlady said...

I'm glad I got to bless you!! You blessed me, too. I got mentioned on another blog!! Woohoo - I'm a little famous now I think...

mommy to four j's said...

I love that purse it is girly brown an dpink are my favorite colors right now. I enjoyed your blog.Have a great day.