Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thoughts...for a slower pace

I am really looking for a slower pace in life. Slower moments. Slower thougths. Slower eating. Slower growth. Just slower...........

Maybe because I am aging. My parents are aging. My kids are aging. I notice it. I see the aging. I remember a time when I just thought everyone looked the same everytime I saw them. Now with each day I am faced with the aging process. While at times it is depressing most days it is not, I just notice it, and realize that a year is really fast in my life with my family. I remember turning 25 with no kids and now 7 1/2 years later I look back and think....where did those years go?

I am not hung up on looking younger or acting younger or keeping my kids at this sweet age. No, I just want to enjoy the aging a little more. Slow down the things that are aging so I can really soak it all in. I want to bathe in it instead of showering.

I look forward to growing old with The Chosen One. I look forward to The Wise One and The Rowdy One growing and maturing. I just want to slow down a bit and breathe it in.

Sometimes I look back and see that I really don't remember much of an event because I was busy preparing for it or cleaning up after it. But what about the event? Why couldn't I slow down to get a clear memory of it. Am I just in a fog? Am I really in the moment? If I am not, where am I?

I wake up Monday and can't wait until Friday. I am tired of living that way.

Slow down. That is my goal. Slow down and stop and.....yeah you got it, smell the roses!

Slow down and make a memory tonight,


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