Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sunny Saturday

Thankfully, today is bright and sunny! I am recommending to myself that I get out and enjoy the sunshine! Enjoy the boys playing in the sunshine and pack the deep thoughts away for a day!

On the homefront we are watching our butterflies and caterpillars closely. We planted butterfly weed about 2 years ago and we love the time when the caterpillars come and eat until they are fat and happy and then dissapear. Well, guess what? This year they decided to stay and let us watch the metamorphosis. They have hung themselves up on the eaves of our house. We have about 5 we are watching closely and more caterpillars by the day. It is so much fun. Last year we watched the tiny little caterpillars come and eat and leave big and fat. This year we are watching the whole thing! The boys are so eager to go out each day and "see" what the caterpillars are up to.

My friend, sent by God, you remember her, she volunteered to take my boys to the movies on a day when THAT. WAS. EXACTLY. WHAT. I. NEEDED., remember the one, you would never forget her is she were your friend. Well, her mother is down visiting this weekend and she just looked so happy yesterday taking her mother all around and introducing her to everyone. It made my heart happy and I am carrying it over to today just imagining all the fun things they are doing and all the wonderful conversations they are having.

The Chosen One and I had dinner out last night, just the two of us and then came home and watched The Skeleton Key and Cold Creek Manor, ALL ALONE! It was wonderful. No chatter. Just us. We could watch a couple of creepy movies without being on kid patrol. Those times are so nice to rejuvenate. We didn't even talk that much. It was nice to just BE. Old married couple, I know, but it was great.

Now off to a sunny day, with happy energetic kids, and a good read. I am thinking about reading Because of Winn- Dixie, again. Just for something light and heartwarming.

Find some sun today and rest in it for a bit,


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Chaotic Mom said...

Wow, my boys would LOVE to watch the butterflies go through such changes. I've thought about getting them a "kit", but to see it up close and personal would be much more special. Enjoy! ;)
(And THANK YOU! for stopping by my blog, too!)