Saturday, March 29, 2008


Easter 2008

1. Lantana
2. Passion Vine
3. Fuschia
4. Hummingbird Vine
5. Hyacinth
All from my mother's yard on Easter.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Teaching to make future wives happy.

I taught a powerful lesson today. One that mystifies most homes. One that conjures up memories of past generations. One that seems to handpick who is born knowing how to do it.

I taught my boys how to change the toilet paper roll.

It was a very in depth discussion. With detailed steps. And while I do not know if I have set the bar too high, I hope they are able to one day master this skill.

A mother's dream. A future wife's early gift.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Math Genius

Rowdy One is 7 and almost a half.

We pull up to the local fast food joint for a chicken sandwich. (no comment on the choices of a stressed out mother and a hungry kid, amazing things happen a fast food line)

That will be a 1.08, drive up.

I reach down and grab a five and instantly hear....

She will owe you 3.92.


Um okay. That is all I could say as I am checking him by counting backwards in my a quiet as I can.

I learned to count change at 15. When I took my first job. And it took me awhile to master it.

He. is. seven. And he didn't hesitate.



Just noticed I have been blogging for two years.

Happy Blog-o-versary!

I think I might do a give away.


So much to talk about, so little time.

Life has been flying by at a very rapid pace.

We had a bout with the flu, where the little people of the house were knocked on their keesters and where I caught up on some movie watching.

Miss Potter
Becoming Jane
The Jane Austen Book Club

We took a vacation over spring break to Sea World San Antonio.

And of course Easter just passed.

In between all this cooking, some good recipes I plan to share, books read, again will share, laundry, cleaning, working (tax season) and loads of interesting conversation.

I will leave you with this one between myself and Rowdy One on the day we were leaving for vacation:

Are you super excited?

Yes, I am really excited about the wax museum.

Really? Why?

I want to see Teddy Roosevelt.

blink. blink.

Who do you want to see mommy?

Brad Pitt.

More to come......