Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So much to talk about, so little time.

Life has been flying by at a very rapid pace.

We had a bout with the flu, where the little people of the house were knocked on their keesters and where I caught up on some movie watching.

Miss Potter
Becoming Jane
The Jane Austen Book Club

We took a vacation over spring break to Sea World San Antonio.

And of course Easter just passed.

In between all this cooking, some good recipes I plan to share, books read, again will share, laundry, cleaning, working (tax season) and loads of interesting conversation.

I will leave you with this one between myself and Rowdy One on the day we were leaving for vacation:

Are you super excited?

Yes, I am really excited about the wax museum.

Really? Why?

I want to see Teddy Roosevelt.

blink. blink.

Who do you want to see mommy?

Brad Pitt.

More to come......


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