Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 2010

Haven't felt like writing much lately. Life, happens. And happens again. And then sneaks up and happens over and over.

I did want to document something about my family. Our sleep patterns.

I can fall asleep on a subway in rush hour traffic. I can sleep anytime and anywhere. One day this may change but for now....it is grand. The Chosen One hates it.

The Chosen One has the hardest time. He hears dust settle at the neighbors house and is awake for hours. He sees a light in the closet, the way back corner under the dressup suitcase, you know the one you forgot you had, yeah he can see the light all the way back in that corner, under piles and he is up for hours. He tosses and turns. He sleeps this way and that way. He has to have his fan on. He has to have his feet covered. He has to have everything just so...so he can sleep for 30 minutes before something wakes him up.

I hurt for him.....and roll over and go to sleep.