Monday, September 17, 2007

Inspiration of the ongoing project.

The blankets in the last pictures are my current addiction. When my mother in law passed away I inherited fabric galore. Add that to my stash and that of my mother and well you will see a lot of fabric. I wanted to use it up in a wonderful way and I went here for some inspiration. It didn't take long before my idea came together. I am making these blankets for the children at Texas Children's Hospital and Arkansas Children's Hospital on the cancer floor that Brooke frequented. I hope to have about 60 ready for delivery in December.

My goal is to use as much fabric as possible from the stash but I much admit that there have been a few trips to the fabric store! I am trying to back them with something fun and soft. Some are fleece, a few flannel and a couple satin. Something soft and cozy for these little ones.

The process of putting the fabrics together has been a wonderful creative release. The sewing has been a much needed time of focus and prayer. And my mother and I have made many wonderful memories on the afternoons we have spent together doing this. She has been my right hand man for questions and advice and encouragement. I truly feel surrounded by the line of sewers that I come from. Seeing the fabric of my mother in law. Hearing my mother give me advice that she received from her mother so many years ago. It is all so comforting.

I have many more "designs" in my head. I can't seem to sew fast enough!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

and on-going....

These two are backed in satin.
This is totally from leftovers in my mother in laws stash. I love the colors!

I plan on making more like this to use up scraps. It is backed and a very soft baby flannel. Some of the scraps are from feed sacks that were in my mother in laws stash. I think they could easily date to the 40's and 50's. Other scraps are flannel and then some are from left over baby blankets.

On-going project....

This is all leftover fabric from the boys room when they were toddlers.
These are backed in a very soft fleece. I love the spiderman one!!!

Leftover camo from some PJ pants made for Rowdy One. The organge is a fleece and the camo is flannel.

Well, this one is a favorite. Both sides are flannel and it is trimmed in satin.


I love reading the news on the web. I read what I want, when I want without much of the tone and hyperness (word?) that you have to suffer through on TV.

Headlines I clicked on today:

The planet's healthiest countries

Bonds' homerun ball

Winner reflects on nightmare lottery

Is it art yet? And who decides?

At seventeen

Mommy's little helper

On any given day I am clicking weird headlines as well as intense news feeds. It is very interesting. I go through spurts of being a total news junkie to never checking the headlines.

What do you read?


Monday, September 03, 2007

Sewing Room

I want to borrow my sister's camera tomorrow to show what all I have been doing.

When my mother in law passed away I inherited all of her sewing room. ALL. OF. IT! It includes everything she received from her mother upon her mother's passing. I have been going thru trying to decide what to do with some items, what are some items and what she intended for many items. It has been a time of reflection, of excitement and of sadness. I have found several things cut out. Several things marked for projects. I have recognized material from shirts she wore, jumpers she made grand kids and tablecloths.

When The Chosen One and I were first married I made a guilt with her. I cut and designed and she sewed. I am seeing a lot of the fabric we used. It brings back special memories.

Tonight I solved a mystery that had me stumped. She had tons of linen. I mean loads of it. I wondered if it was from a shop going out of business that she frequented. Or maybe someone handed it down to her. Tonight the mystery was solved. They are feed sacks. I found one still intact. This one has a sticker with dairy ration on it. I found another with a bright red chicken on it. They are all in wonderful prints and colors. I am excited about them and have actually already used one from another batch in a lap blanket I made.

I really must get pictures up. Of the projects I am doing and the unique items I have discovered.