Monday, September 03, 2007

Sewing Room

I want to borrow my sister's camera tomorrow to show what all I have been doing.

When my mother in law passed away I inherited all of her sewing room. ALL. OF. IT! It includes everything she received from her mother upon her mother's passing. I have been going thru trying to decide what to do with some items, what are some items and what she intended for many items. It has been a time of reflection, of excitement and of sadness. I have found several things cut out. Several things marked for projects. I have recognized material from shirts she wore, jumpers she made grand kids and tablecloths.

When The Chosen One and I were first married I made a guilt with her. I cut and designed and she sewed. I am seeing a lot of the fabric we used. It brings back special memories.

Tonight I solved a mystery that had me stumped. She had tons of linen. I mean loads of it. I wondered if it was from a shop going out of business that she frequented. Or maybe someone handed it down to her. Tonight the mystery was solved. They are feed sacks. I found one still intact. This one has a sticker with dairy ration on it. I found another with a bright red chicken on it. They are all in wonderful prints and colors. I am excited about them and have actually already used one from another batch in a lap blanket I made.

I really must get pictures up. Of the projects I am doing and the unique items I have discovered.



Kate said...

i look forward to seeing the sewing goodies!

Elise said...

What a gift! She loved you. Here is a beautiful way to keep her memory alive!