Monday, September 17, 2007

Inspiration of the ongoing project.

The blankets in the last pictures are my current addiction. When my mother in law passed away I inherited fabric galore. Add that to my stash and that of my mother and well you will see a lot of fabric. I wanted to use it up in a wonderful way and I went here for some inspiration. It didn't take long before my idea came together. I am making these blankets for the children at Texas Children's Hospital and Arkansas Children's Hospital on the cancer floor that Brooke frequented. I hope to have about 60 ready for delivery in December.

My goal is to use as much fabric as possible from the stash but I much admit that there have been a few trips to the fabric store! I am trying to back them with something fun and soft. Some are fleece, a few flannel and a couple satin. Something soft and cozy for these little ones.

The process of putting the fabrics together has been a wonderful creative release. The sewing has been a much needed time of focus and prayer. And my mother and I have made many wonderful memories on the afternoons we have spent together doing this. She has been my right hand man for questions and advice and encouragement. I truly feel surrounded by the line of sewers that I come from. Seeing the fabric of my mother in law. Hearing my mother give me advice that she received from her mother so many years ago. It is all so comforting.

I have many more "designs" in my head. I can't seem to sew fast enough!



randi---i have to say said...

I happen to be sitting here at the computer as I am taking a break from clearing out my fabric stash. I you would like, I could send you some of the larger pieces--1 yard and bigger? Just send me your address if you are interested!

I think it is neat that you are doing this!

Elise said...

I'm so glad that the memories working on this fabric conjures up are good ones... what a gift!

Kate said...

You are on a total roll! I love that!! They are all so nice and would make awesome gifts. I am always floored when I get a home made gift.