Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just how many questions can a 5 year old ask?

The drive from my parent's house to our house is about 10 minutes. The following are some of the questions Rowdy One asked on our ride home tonight........if you have someone under the age of oh lets say 9 you probably can relate.

If you fly a kite and it gets struck my lighting will you die?

Are there spirits floating all around us?

Do you die with your clothes on? (as we pass the local cemetary)

If you die without your clothes do they put clothes on you when they put you in the box?

Are all people in a box?

Why does OPEN always have lights around it?

If the fair is not here is it in some other place? (as we pass our fairgrounds)

Are they on tour?

What happens if you don't stop at a stop sign?

I don't think a taco and a bell go together. (as we pass the Taco Bell drive thru)

I want to drive a big truck. And bring cookies to the stores. Can I do that?

When can I drive?

When did you drive?

Have you ever been in a wreck?

How come?

Did that person go to jail?

What happens in jail?

Do you live there forever?

I have allergies.

sneeze, snort, sneeze, SNNOOORRRTTTT

How come my brother doesn't have allergies?

All in a days work for a 5 year old brain. So much to learn and get straight and understand. 5 years is only 60 months. That seems so short, 5 years seems so long. If we had bought a car it would have been paid off by now. Instead we had a kid that is just getting started. Funny, life.......

Be curious, you might just find out why a 5 year old thinks spirits are floating around him,


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flowerlady said...

My 7 year old is the same way. Today's questions had more to do with birthin' babies. How do they get out after all? Quite a health lesson we had here today. He loves all things internal...maybe he'll be a doctor...if he ever learns to read :)