Friday, March 17, 2006

Yesterday we started off with a doctor's appt for Wise One. He has had a pain in his hip that we have been saying "oh you are just growing" but that has gotten so bad at times that he asked me to send a note so he could sit out in PE. That is when I knew I had to face the fact that all is not well in the hip area, time to call in the professionals. So we drive to the dr, me thinking, oh she is gonna say it is nothing "growing pains, get used to 'em". Nope, not what I heard. She did a few things with him and then proceeded to write some things down and request that we go to the local children's hospital to have an xray and blood work. What was that? Did you say blood work and xray. Well, yes she did in fact, say those things and then followed it with, "to rule a few things out". Giving me the "look" that no parent wants to get and I have already gotten once with the same dr in regards to Rowdy One.

Rowdy One was of course fine back then and as of 4:45 yesterday we found out Wise One is fine as well. But oh the flashes in the mother's mind. Oh the thoughts of horror and despair. Oh the tears that needed to fall but did not so that my child would think "Mom's not falling about, so I am not falling apart".

As she explained to me that the labs and xrays where fine, I could not help but see all the families that I passed yesterday that did not get a clean bill of health. All the kids I passed hooked up to IV's, with shaved little heads with scars, walking with walkers and canes. I will pray for those families tonight. That they may have strength and healing. That God may guide them through. And thank Him that today our family was spared. My child is healthy with some intense growing pains we will continue to watch and be thankful for.

Be thankful today,Lyn

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