Thursday, March 16, 2006

A few other things about me.

An introduction of sorts to get us started......

I am not a girly girl, per se, but I do not get to enjoy much pink so that is why I picked it for my blog. I don't like a lot of it but enough to remind me that yes, I am a girl, in a house of MALE-NESS!

I am not a great speller. My brain just focuses on other things and sometimes, most of the time, correct spelling escapes me. Even when it is a word I know. Can't recall it. Nope, not in the brain rolodex. I can tell you if the dog has eaten, if the kids have homework, when the garbage needs to be taken out and what time the neightbor arrives home from work. But spell a word correctly? Not to save my life!

I usually miss the quote, terribly. I have friends and the Chosen One that can quote things verbatim. Things they heard from movies in 10th grade, that was EIGHTEEN years ago, for God's sake. They remember words to songs, poerty, what people said. Heck, even my kids can do it. Me, I want to remember but I end up mixing it all up. You will see examples soon enough. I know you will laugh out loud. And that is okay. Spreading joy in the world is my purpose!!!

More on this later,



RANDI said...

Hi there.

So glad you got this going! I am terrible at remembering things but my hubby is great at it. He can remember all the theme songs from the cartoons when he was little--seriously, if you name a show like "The Buglaloos" he will break out in song. Of course, the mention of the bugaloos gives you an idea of how old we are!!!

Minnie said...

I think we were separated at birth. Scary!