Saturday, March 18, 2006

Just in case this ever happens to YOU.

Just in case you are ever sound asleep at about 2:56 in the morning and you suddenly hear what sounds like a chainsaw in your living room. Do not fear. It is the blender you forgot to unplug and it has SOMEHOW turned on to high and is doing what it does, blending.

I thought we were either being filmed for the next "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", that no one told us about OR our house was being attacked by some mad weed wacker. It scared the CRAP-O-LA out of me! And the Wise One. Everyone else, slept through the whole bizarro thing. Slept. Through being attacked in the middle of the night by the blender. What is up with that? And I trusted the Chosen One would save me. HA! I am not longer safe in that thought. He. never. even. knew. what. was. going. on!

The next morning, after I got NO MORE sleep because a) my blender turned on for no apparent reason and that just creeped me out and b) I knew the Chosen One was not in protection mode AND c) big bad protecter of the family, four legged one, didn't even BARK.....I asked the Chosen One if he knew what happened last night. No what? Oh nothing, just the alien mother ship tried to take back what we stole and Wise One and myself had to protect the family with our bare hands.


Blink. Blink.

Man, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

No sir, you see you have to be asleep to wake up and I have not been asleep since 2:56 THIS MORNING!!!!!!!

In further news on this event, the Wise One with not go NEAR the blender!

People, I really could not make. this. stuff. up.

Unplug those appliances,



flowerlady said...

I probably shouldn't laugh.. but that is FUNNY!! I remember just after we moved into our house I didn't know that the bubbler tub would self-clean 15 minutes after it turned off. Scared the u-know-what out of me and had me running like a crazy thing to see what had happened......funny now...not then.....

Lyn said...

Oh, laugh all you want. It was funny after the fact but geez, I think my heart stopped for a bit!

And anyway I laughed at your tub story!!! :)