Monday, March 20, 2006

Light and airy

That is what the weather is like and thankfully that is what my mood is like at the moment. I am keeping the heavy thoughts at bay for a bit.


So I asked Wise One what they could ask those "suspected" pirates that would prove then are pirates. (see post below)

"Well, if they had eye patches and hats stashed on the boat. And if they were missing teeth. If they had all their teeth then they are for sure not the real thing."

"Oh and maps. Pirates won't fall for this computer stuff."

So folks, there you have it. I feel secure he still has enough wonder in him to not be too concerned.


My friend whom I will call e - for all of the above - stated she has never been blogged about. Well, e, now you have. Waves to you!

Seriously, e and I have gotten to know each other fairly well this past year and at times I think we may have been seperated at birth. I can say and do whatever comes to mind and some how, most of the time, she gets it. Or at least appears to get it. I would think if she truly thought I was crazy she would avoid me and she doesn't so I am guessing she is okay with my weird sense of humor. Sometimes a bit to dark, sometimes a bit to mean, sometimes a bit to goofy, sometimes a bit to nosy but sometimes she SNORTS when she laughs and then I know it is all good!

Everyone needs some friends they can be totally comfortable with and I have been blessed with e.


The Chosen one is at Central Market calling me to see what I want. Now if I were there I would being seeing all KINDS of things I want but over the phone can't. think. of. one. thing. Love Dip...oh yes, Love Dip. If you live close to one you must try the Love Dip. Yum! Not sure why is called that because it is rather garlicky and I can not imagine anyone feeling the love with garlic breath but maybe that floats some peoples boat.

Smile today, even if it is at yourself in the mirror, somedays that is all we have,


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