Thursday, March 23, 2006


I was not gonna be a downer like this but then again, I blog to release my thoughts and feelings is a downer. I will release and then feel better, right?

I have cried or been on the verge of crying all day. I am gonna list all the things I have thought about/cried about today.

Some happy most sad but crying all the same.....

a 23 year old's funeral
my friend who has cancer
my sons who are just so sweet and stressful at the same time
my friend who buried her son today
my friend who buried her son 3 years ago
my grandmother who died of cancer when I was in 6th grade, I miss her the older I get. what advice would she had given me? I can still hear her voice.
there is a new little baby across the street and that is so hopeful
my mother in law who has cancer
my brother in law who is being a jerk and I! we need some peace, selfish man.
my friend who moved away who would so be the one I would cry to today, she would make me feel all better and justified and talk me through it . she would empower me for letting it all out
I am so tired and just want to cry...cuz I am so tired
my father in law came home from the hospital today

Sometimes I don't cry for awhile and then I have a day like today. I am not a big crier so when I have these days I feel like I must purge and let it all out. So far today I have stopped it from coming more than I have just let it go. That brings on a headache.

I long for sleep tonight and a fresh start tomorrow. Yes, a fresh start. I get a fresh start tomorrow......tomorrow.......

Until then I will cry and get it all out,


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RANDI said...

(((HUGS))) for you today!