Friday, March 17, 2006

Peace, in a round about way

A wonderful friend, who was sent from God today, you are sure of, offered to take the boys to the movies.

What. was. that? You are volunterring to take BOTH of the boys to the movies? Dear Lord, woman, where have you been all my life??

So, picture it. Quiet house, ice cold Dr. Pepper sitting next to you, blank computer screen that you get to lose yourself in, at you own pace and look at whatever your little heart desires.....can you say, books, linens, much as you want, uninterrupted for at least an hour.

Some Celtic music would be nice. Limewire, here you come. You have your picks. Press play harder......nada.......little volume thing moving so you know someone, somewhere is hearing your music BUT. NOT. YOU. Dang nab it! Start fishing around.........fiddle with this. Fiddle with that. Nope nothing working. Where is the Chosen One when you need him? Oh, maybe it is this. Nope. Oh come on time is a wastin'. And then you see it.......................

The dog, whom you love most days, has chewed through the speaker wire.

Screaming would not help. Crying, may make you feel dramatic, but would not help. Kicking dog, outside. Helped a bit but not really, he keeps your feet warm while you are on the computer.

Nothing will help, so you hum. and hum. and giggle. and then realize that you need the silence more than the humming or Celtic music. When is the house ever quiet? What was that? Never, is right.

Enjoy some silence tonight.


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