Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why the Chosen One was chosen...

I came home today to a VERY clean house. Fresh smelling, clean floors, clean sink, laundry done, bed made, dishes put a way.................ahhhhh.......he is so very good to me!

It is rainy out and I have my Humanities class tonight and it is hump day and I am tired. It was so nice to come home to a freshly cleaned house, knowing he did it all for me. To make me feel good. To make me feel a bit more relaxed when I got home tonight. I am enjoying it. The thought, the act, the man. The Chosen One.

What was that? You say, can he come to your house? Not a chance, I am keeping him all to myself.

Really enjoy the nice things someone does for you today,



sarah said...

You have a REAL MAN! Impressive! He works all day, comes home to take care of the children AND all of the housework. Superman move over!

Lyn said...


I tried to check out your blog but it won't connect me. Leave me something in comments so I can come and visit.

sarah said...

Lyn, my blog is up and running. I had technical difficulty, namely, I didn't know what the heck I was doing. Still don't. Three blogs are listed; the only one that works is the 3rd. Threes a charm. Come, Visit, Sit a while, Have a sip of coffee.