Sunday, December 26, 2010


we received so many gifts this many. nothing we needed to survive our lives. nothing that we could not live without. nothing that if we didn't get we would have not made it.

but so many need things like that. things to survive. things to continue on. touch of comfort and love.

we enjoyed lots of food.....lots. we enjoyed love of family and friendship. we enjoyed conversation and touches of kindness. we enjoyed laughter. we enjoyed the comforts of warmth and in the case of texas christmas a touch of coolness when needed.

as i sit here typing this in my comfy recliner with the ceiling fan on and each of my family enjoying a computer device i realize if i cleared even half of my living room we would still be overly comfortable. if i removed everything, we would still enjoy heat and air, soft carpet and each other.

will i think of this wonderful time when i see the tiny snowflake on my charm bracelet? that was the intention.

when i see the beautiful angel portrait that i really wanted, will see calm me and bring me back to this time of "peace on earth, good will toward men"?

when i pull my new mixing bowls out will i be transported to the wonderful comfort food we shared? like the delicious chicken and dumplings i am eating now.

every time i get on my new laptop will i be thankful for the computer age and enough money to splurge?

i should remember these things. i want to remember these things. i want to be as thankful and in awe of the times i am experiencing. i want to live that way.

as i go over these things i am secretly preparing for the new year. setting a plan to live. change a habit. create a better me....time.....experience. no setting out to lose weight. committing to cut out this or that. promising to cut back. nope, this is more important. more of a change that is needed. more of a balancing act than anything i have set out to do. no i do this and i will "GET" this. just be aware of living really. that is what i will "get". and that is more than plenty. more than i deserve. more than most get.


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