Saturday, January 09, 2010


Rowdy One talks alot....and usually when I am listening to my favorite song, or reading the best part of a book....when I am deep in conversation with someone or myself, when I want to hear every drop of the rain....or when I desperately need quiet. Rowdy One is talking.......

Normally it is some fact that I could care less about or a question I have already answered at least a million times. Demands, arguing or trying to get his point across, a point that many times makes no sense at all.

I try to listen to what I am wanting to listen to and tune him out. I try. And sometimes I do.

But sometimes I don't and out of the millions of words he speaks in a day....sometimes they are the sweetest words I have ever heard. Sometimes they are wise beyond his years. They are funny or tender or smart or helpful.

I must release what I think I should hear and listen to Him thru him.

Release my ideas of what my ears want to hear and hear what I am meant to hear.

I have missed alot doing it my way. This year I will do it His way.

Release and in turn receive.

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