Thursday, July 27, 2006

Recipe Thursday

So I go into my local grocery store and they have pork loin chops on sale. They look wonderful, so I grab 2 packages. I think I came home with a total of 18 chops. Big, nice sized, juicy chops! I didn't just want to make them the regular ole way with gravy and rice that my daddy always made. No, I wanted to try something different. The search started and ended here! These will be made again in my house, probably next week (since we now have plenty of chops in the freezer). They were very good. I did use one extra egg but other than that the recipe was right on and EASY! Which is always a plus. I added a fresh salad and cantalope and we had a wonderful meal.


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lindiepindie said...

Mmmm. That recipe looks yummy. I am adventurous in the food departement, but unfortunately the rest of my family is not. Wahhh!