Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring Forward?!?!


Spring forward means dragging hiney for at least 6 months! Why can't I just lose an hour and move on? Really, is it that difficult? I have been a mommy for almost 8 years now, you would think this is nothing compared to the NIGTHS I have lost! But oh no..............this will hit me like a ton of bricks. One little, tinsy, ensy, hour. Blows my whole schedule out of whack! Oh, just go to sleep a little earlier. NEWS FLASH!! It. Does. Not. Work. Like. That.

Actually, now that I am thinking about it. With kids I have probably lost a couple of years in sleep, at least. One was born at 6ish in the morning, READ: birthing ALL night and the other was born at 11 ish at night, READ: stay awake all night recovering. Now why couldn't it have been start the process at oh say 8ish am and be done by 5ish pm and do the recovery, get know you time till about 10ish pm and then lights out for a wonderful nights sleep.

What was that? You say life doesn't work like that....well duh and so my life continues sleep deprived and I adapt like all good parents do.

But OY! The spring forward. It is like I can't survive without that hour!

God, again you show your wonderful sense of humor! Jokes on us! Thankyouverymuch!!!!!

Really, since the whole day is shot I should just go to bed now! I mean if you think about it, that makes total sense! Go change back into the comfy jammies and climb back into the nice snuggly bed and snooze. Ah........I warned you about my love of sleep! Really, I would have thought more people would have jumped on this band wagon!

You really want to know what is on my calendar for today.......


painting a garage



Try to enjoy one less hour today,


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RANDI said...

I am not happy about the sun coming up later in the AM--no fun waking in the dark!