Monday, April 17, 2006

Note to self

Self, listen up.

A little weeding along the way is better than a whole lotta weeding at once!

We have been busy cleaning up the back flower bed. I planted it last summer and since four legged one has grown into a BIG four legged one he has dug up/chewed/played with/ or just harassed so much the poor plant just died the following plants: one beautiful orange hibiscus, one very pretty "knock-out" rosebush, 2 camelias, an asparagus fern (OUCH), 3 red tipped photinas and several other small little plants. What he failed to to discourage to grow is countless weeds and grasses that have made my hands ache from pulling.

I still have several things living and thriving that he has left alone or they have just lived to spite him. A purple sage salvia, 2 butterfly weeds, rosemary, a cigar bush, bottle brush tree and 2 red tipped photinas and a whole bunch of ice plant.

We need to bring in a load of dirt, build up the bed a bit, add some rocks around the edging and KEEP THE D-O-G out while everything settles in and we will have a very nice flower bed!

Ahhhh....I love the 3 days of spring we get. See, around here, we have 11 months of summer and 1/2 month of fall and 1/2 month of spring. Right now we are enjoying our little bit of spring and then we will be into the heat of summer!

Enjoy a plant or two today,



sarah said...

I enjoy your light-hearted look at life. Very refreshing. A client shared your blog with me, and now I browse it periodically for an uplifting insight at life with little ones. Thank you!

Lyn said...

I am so glad you come and visit!

RANDI said...

We have a pretty good mix of seasons here but our summer is definitely HOT!!! Although we do lack the humidity that you probably get!

Enjoy your weeding!