Friday, April 28, 2006

What to do with a boy who's about to turn 8

Today Wise One and I chaperoned a field trip of 60 high school art students. He was so excited he couldn't sleep last night and was up before I was out of the shower......getting dressed "mommy, is this shirt okay?"

He was a gentleman that looked at the art and mingled with the people. He kept his hands in his pockets and marveled at the sculptures. a boy one point when we were here, he said he needed to go outside. He hit the doors and ran around the grassy area about 4 times and then said "okay, I am ready to go back in." He knew he needed to get the wiggles out and knew just how to do it. It also reminded me of how mature he was acting but he really is just a little, almost eight, year old boy, who didn't mind asking one of the artists...."how much does that thing weigh?"

As we ate lunch with the rest of the gang at Cafe Express, he watched and he talked and giggled. He splashed in the water fountain and he loved

We ventured into The Museum of Fine Arts and his eyes became as big as saucers! He was mezmerized with the sculptures. They were his "favorite" on site. Picasso, yeah...yeah, Monet, pretty good,but this.....this was it, the "moon" to be exact. It was a whole display of shirt collars and different sculptures of them. He studied these. He asked questions. We went back around three times. It was surprising to me, but he loved it. He was also very impressed with the Indonesian Gold. And he sat and stared at this for at least 5 minutes. Then declared it "very cool".

Of course the gift shop got a few bucks from us. This was the prize picked from the shelf up high!

The day was wonderful. There were moments when I could not believe the little man in front of me was my baby I brought home almost 8 years ago. At other times, I giggled to myself at the things that came out of his mouth. He is so open and free, yet very reserved. He drank it all in today. The people, the art, the fun..............he loved it. And so did I.

The joy of motherhood continues,


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beck said...

okay so i want one of those prizes from the top shelf.. and that asian statue... LOVE IT.

sooo glad you guys had fun. you were so close to me too... coulda met for lunch...

next time.