Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Note to self:

Next time The Chosen One does the shopping make sure he understands that one ALWAYS buys the biggest package of toliet paper with whatever the biggest roll is *big mega store* is offering at the time. Whether it is triple or quatro size...ONE.BUYS.IT.

Just push the cart by the small, itty, bitty, I am man and I live alone roll. Seriously, a family of 4 can not survive on the single roll 4 pack for more than about 8 hours.




e said...

"note to self:"
makes me crack-up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so agree! It is better to have more toilet paper than room to put it! Any nay sayer would quickly change their tune if they were the one staring at the last empty tube!!

Penrick said...

Ain't that the truth. I'm shocked toilet paper is so cheap. It's not like we can live without it.

beck said...

see and i have to buy the small packs cause matilda, as you read in my blog, will waste the unused paper merely to replace it with a fresh, fat new roll.. i love when she discovers her abilities - but does she HAVE to clog to potty?