Monday, April 03, 2006

How to spend a well earned bonus check.

Paying off a small credit card: $XXX
Knowing there is one less bill coming in the mail: priceless

Purchasing a new vacuum: $XX
Having a vacuum that actually picks up stuff: priceless

Succumbing to the purchase of the dreaded XBOX with games and cordless controllers, no less!: $XXX
Seeing the kids figure out the games faster than their father: priceless
Listening to YEAH BABY! from Rowdy One after hitting a homer: priceless
Hearing the chatter and giggles of two little boys painting at the kitchen table because "it is more fun than the XBOX, mommy!: PRICELESS

Thanks to Chosen One for working so hard to support his family!

Have fun with some well earned money today (even if it just for a latte!),


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