Sunday, April 02, 2006

Talking with a 5 yr old.

This is a story my mother told me today. While I was doing my homework she was having this conversation with Rowdy One.

"Oh, Rowdy One look at that worm!"

"I know that worm, Nana."

"Really? What is it's name?"

"It is an a*#!"

"You mean an asp?" (keep a straight face nana! keep a straight face!)

"Yeah that is what I said. That worm is an a*#."

"Rowdy One, look at me. It is a.s.p. AsssPPPP."

"Nana, you are not hearing me. I am saying a.*.#. A ****#####!!"

She gave me fair warning! And this is the time of year the asps are in full swing. I am sure we will be encountering plenty of A.S.P.S!!!!!

The joys of motherhood. Really, there is one around every corner!!!

Giggle today,


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Islandsparrow said...

Aren't they funny! I have four boys and a daughter and although they are quite grown-up now, we still have many stories from the little years that bring a laugh to us...and to them!! They love to hear us retell them. you'll have to save this one for your boy :) Thanks for dropping by my blog.