Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's over.....

A few things to help a migraine fade:

A homemade banana split with vanilla ice cream, bananas(of course), fresh strawberries, chocolate syrup and milky way caramel sauce! To which Wise One declared "Impressive!"

This from the local video box.

A cold Dr. Pepper and your favorite movie buddies.

The giggles were all worth the little twinges when the noise got a little to loud for the last of the migraine holding on.

Headaches be gone,



tonia/sparrow said...

I do hope the migraine has been banished for good! Dr. Pepper (my favorite) seems like a worthwhile endeavor. ;)

RANDI said...

I hope you are feeling better!

We saw that movie a while ago and I must admit that I like the original a lot better! Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda were perfect in the roles!

Lyn said...

Yes, we own the orginal and nothing beats Lucy!!!