Sunday, April 23, 2006

You know the ones....

well, my family was "the ones". You know, the ones, that are in the store with rowdy kids who talk loud and run and touch EVERY. BLOOMIN. THING. IN. THE. PLACE. Yep, that was us. The ones that when we leave all the store clerks breathe a deep sigh since they had been holding their breath since we entered the store and the fun began.

Place: local Academy Sporting Goods Store
Mission: buy the whole family new running shoes

Once the said shoes were placed on Rowdy One and Wise One's feet the running began. And the jumping. And the skipping. And the racing. And the hopping. And the hollering, laughing, hooping, shouting and giggling began. The noise level in an already pretty noisy store jumped about 5 decimals. I. KID. YOU. NOT.

It was tense at moments and then I realized, this is life for a little boy. NEW SHOES on their can a boy be still. and quiet. and contained.

The running has not let up much. The shoes "are the fastest we ever had mommy".

Awe. Movement is what they are made for. Why try to stop it. Just sit back and enjoy the fun. And maybe some up tight person will loosen up a bit. Or run the next time they see this family coming into a store that sells shoes.

Run and jump today,


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Anonymous said...

Those clerks should just be thankful that you don't have 5 kids getting new shoes! ;)