Saturday, April 08, 2006


I am fighting a migraine. For those of you that do not suffer from these, get on your knees and thank the LORD, Almighty!!!!!! And be extra nice if you know someone that does suffer from them. To those that can relate to my pain.....sorry you share that memory with me. I hate having migraines. And hate is a strong word. Yes, there are worse things I could suffer from, I know, but today I am suffering and I hate it.

Which gets me to thinking. This is suffering. I suffer most of the time a day sometimes two. What did Jesus go through? Suffering of the most horrible kind. And He did it willingly. Would I take this suffering for someone else? I would have to think about it. My kids, yes, hands down. My hubby, sorry, I would have to think about it. My friends, again sorry guys, I would have to think about it. What kind of person does that make me? Not Jesus like! Which is what I strive to be. And sometimes I get there but other times I come up VERY short! Thankfully, I believe in a forgiving God. And I will take my migraine suffering and hope that by me having them someone else is spared. But I really don't like it. And on days that it interferes with my life I get very selfish and wish it were someone else. But on a day like today....I really have nothing planned. I am home. I can sleep. The Chosen One is keeping the kids occupied. It really isn't so bad, comparative speaking. And I know it will end. In a day or so. But it will end.

I don't believe there is pain in heaven. So no migraines. I can look at it, like I am getting them all out of my system for that wonderful day. One way of getting through the pain today.

Take your suffering with your head.....semi...... held high today,


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