Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Conversations that tickle/scare me.

Driving Wise One and Rowdy One to art lessons tonight.

"He likes her. I mean likes LIKES her."

"What does that mean?"

"You know when the female giraffe likes the mother giraffe."


"Excuse me boys but can I butt in? What. did. you. just. say?"

"Mommy he meant male giraffe, not mother giraffe. I didn't correct him, I knew what he meant."

"Well, can we just move on to another conversation cause mommy has so many things she needs to touch on in regards to this conversation but just can't do it at. this. moment. And by the way....are you 7 and he is 5?"

"Yes, mommy, you know that."

"Just checking....."

The time is just wizzin' by, my friends.......and I am having a hard time holding on................


1 comment:

Classical Home said...

Oh. Dear.
I can giggle because I'm way over here. And I haven't overheard this conversation yet.