Monday, April 10, 2006

You know......

It is hard living in a house with 3 males and a male dog and being a medicated OCD female. I take medication to control my OCD. That is my confession. I have touched on it here and there on this blog so far and one day I will go into how my life has changed for the better for me and those around me. Here is one thing that has not changed.....

I still do not like toast crumbs in my butter dish.

I still do not like to see a tiny bit of mustard in my mayo jar.

I really do not like getting a string of dried up, crunchy jelly from the peanut butter. And Lord help us all if I miss it and it ends up in MY sandwich!

This last one has become an issue as of late with Rowdy One. He thinks he is big enough to make his own PB & J sandwich. Hear it now: I will make your PB & J's until you are well into your 50's if that means I. do. not. have. to. deal. with. crunchy. J. in. the. P.B!

God did not intend it that way for my house, for my brain to have to deal with. That is why He gave me this switch that goes off when I discover it.

For your life, little one......WIPE THE KNIFE BEFORE YOU DIP IT IN THE JAR. Or at least retreive all the evidence before you screw the lid back on!

Medication helps the rainbow closet but NOT the jelly in the peanut butter.

Teeth gritting, patience requested, it is NOT a big deal in the grand scheme of things...........................................


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RANDI said...

Toast crumbs in the margarine is one of my pet-peeves! My boys have their own tub of it in the fridge and i think that we could probably form an entire piece of toast from the crumbs in it! My butter, however, is crumb-less!