Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I'm getting excited

My non-blonde friend, Non, is coming for a visit in about....2 1/2 weeks. She lives far away from me and moved against a whole lotta protests from myself and my family. She said it helped her allergies living in the beautiful place she lives in now as opposed to the humid, hot, summer for 11 1/2 months place I still live. Yeah whatever!!!

She is one of my dearest friends and is older than my mother. Hey, I like the mature and wise type. I usually find myself surrounded with the older set but I married a younger man. Go figure. That is something I need to bring up with my therapist. She would have great fun with that!

Anyway, back to Non. She is someone that I yearn to be with. She makes me feel....well.....feel...
um.....I just can't pick one word. Wonderful, confident, giggly, happy, sarcastic, funny, warm hearted, chatty, like a wonderful mother, like a wonderful person. She has a wonderful balance of a wicked sense of humor and compassion that will knock your scocks off, it just makes me want to be just like her. In her presence I am a better person. We look at things the same yet different. I hope to soak up some of her wisdom on this next visit.

I am sooooo excited to be seeing her. It just makes me smile thinking about the hug I will get right off the bat. About the smile and giggle I will get just after the hug. About the conversations that we will have and the memories we will make.

It is good to have something so nice to look forward to.

Make a date to visit with a friend soon,



RANDI said...

I have some "older" friends too--for some reason I feel more comfortable with them. My daughter tends to be the same way--in her college classes she tends to talk to the ladies that are my age--she enjoys their company.

Enjoy you upcoming visit!

sarah said...

I, too, love my variety of friends, friends of different ages and hues! They bring pieces to our lives that our mirror-imaged friends cannot. With their company, we become well-rounded, not lumpy! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!