Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A long day.

Ever have a day that just didn't seem to end? That is my day today. Heck it is really just a long week.

I have taken care of several college related things: 2 research papers, completed and turned it, a 94 on a Humanities exam and countdown studying for the final exams in History 1302 and Humanities. Just 2 more classes. And this semester is done. So maybe the long day I am feeling is just the end of a very long, hectic semester, really. My life in semesters. That is where I am at.

Looking forward to some changes, a little summertime relaxation, new goals, new outlooks and new adventures.

But for now, I am ready to wrap this semester of adventures up and put it to bed.

Fall into bed tonight and enjoy the rest,


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Anonymous said...

To be raising children and attending college. That is a major feat. This too shall end. Hang in there.