Monday, May 29, 2006

Wonderful 3-day weekend.

We watched snails crawl. Yes, we did!
We weeded flowerbeds at nana's. And they look wonderful!
We played in the tree fort. And no one got hurt in the process!
We ate grilled hamburgers. Which were totally yummy!
I read two books. They were both good!

And now Tuesday is upon us. Which means........I will doing a deep cleaning of my house. I will be purging. I will be rearranging. I will be throwing away, boxing up, returning, and organizing. I will, I say I WILL! I am giving myself a week and mixing in some fun but ONE WEEK, none the less. One week to whip this casa 'o mine INTO SHAPE!

My mind gets jumbled and cranky when my house it cluttered and unorganized. Alot has been going on in my house in the last seven months and up keep of the house has not been a top priority. Finishing a semester of college, two major long term illnesses with each in-law, Chosen One setting himself on fire, unitentionally, and the recovery of that. (No, I have not talked much about that. I will save it for a whole post of it's own but we made it through grilled hamburgers without a visit to the ER so all is good!) Suffice to say, the house is a wreck and in order for me to have a happy summer I have to clean it up. I must! It will make a world of difference to me and my housemates!

Day one: Rowdy One and Wise One's room. They share a room and with
two little boys and all the stuff that comes along with can imagine. Order will be restored!

I will make note of the unusal findings, just to keep things interesting.

I already feel lighter. Just having a plan. Yippers!


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At A Hen's Pace said...


I hear ya. I am SO SLOWLY trying to dig out too, hampered by kids who stop the Purple Heart Veterans/Vegetarians from picking up my stuff! (as I posted about recently)

Thanks for stopping by!