Thursday, May 04, 2006

Semester is done.

What a great feeling it is to complete things. I completed History 1302 and Humanities. And I enjoyed both classes. I have been asked to look into the Honors Program at the college I am attending and while I am flattered I think I will pass. Fresh out of high school I would have been on the honors track. Being a 30-something mother of 2 young boys puts me in a different place. I have managed a balance and with adding homeschooling to the mix next year I am not wanting to add anything else. And besides in the grand scheme of my old life what will honors do for me? Really? I am just flattered to be considered.

Now moving right along.......goals for summer is what I am setting my sights on.

1) purge, purge, purge. Paper have taken over my house in a BIG way! As well as needless things. I just feel I need to scale the house down a bit. Some things will be boxed up and some will be thrown out!

2) continue looking at curriculum. I really feel like the first year I will be using some things I already have with a few new purchases but I enjoy looking at all the stuff.

3) get some structure in place for the boys. I don't do well without some structure and Rowdy One sure doesn't do well without structure so I will need to set a few things into action.

4) field trips. I would like to visit here and here. We have family in both areas so we can field trip and visit. Plus several trips to the beach.

5) paint my bedroom and kitchen. These areas need some updating and color. This summer I plan on making it happen!

I am so excited for the end of school. New adventures. New ideas. New struggles. This is what life is all about.

Enjoy your evening,



Islandsparrow said...

Lyn - Congratulations on finishing your course and being recommended for the Honours - what an honour!! Your list for the summer looks great. I will be doing some of the same things - purging - painting - a few trips - and of course the beach - plus throw in a wedding - my middle son is getting married Sept 2. - the first wedding in the family :)

RANDI said...

Congratulations on your classes!

Your list sounds very similar to mine! Enjoy your homeschooling planning!

Anonymous said...

I am the queen of purging right now. Been at it all winter. Have made quite a dent but have so much more to get through. My five kids don't make it any easier. I could get rid of most of their stuff. Perhaps I should let them sort through mine! ;)

We are finishing our 8th year of homeschooling. You are wise to wait on purchasing a lot of curriculum. There is much out there that looks good, some actually is. What you really want and need will become more evident over time. Keep looking and then remember that most can be accomplished with what you have in your home and what is at the public library.

I now prefer things used years ago like McGuffey Readers, Ray's Arithmetic and such. If I could do it all over again, I would start with these. I have always been a strong supporter of reading the classics and keeping things simpler.

You have probably already heard this but stay focused on the reading, writing and math and all else will follow. If your kids can read well (and don't worry if it doesn't happen before age 9ish for boys) they can learn anything.

Teach a child to teach himself and he will be able to do so for life. Once the basics are mastered then your kids can take over the bulk of their learning on their own. You provide the material and opportunity and they will thrive!!

Enjoy the journey (even when it gets to be a bumpy ride!)

lindiepindie said...

What will honors do for you? Probably nothing in the long run, but if it makes you feel good and smart now, that's an okay way to feel, isn't it?

So you're going to start homeschooling next year? I just got my first ever Kindergarten curriculum in the mail last week - it's exciting, but I'm very scared of getting too much stuff, or the wrong stuff, and I'm trying to purge as well! Yikes! Great summer list - I should really write mine down so I don't forget what I want to get done this summer!