Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Wise One!

Once upon a time, I told anyone that asked I was not having children. I would say that the grandchildren would have to come from my sister. I did not see kids in my future as something that lived with me day in day out. A wonderful aunt yes, a mother not so much.

But then I married and while it took Chosen One a couple of years, I decided I was ready.

Wise One came into our lives and we have never looked back. Our conversations revolved around him and what he was doing. I can not imagine life without my Wise One.

His humor is funny and silly. But can be sharp and sarcastic at just the right moment.

He is reserved but full of self confidence.

He respects rules and order.

He is loving but in a his terms kind of way. He knows what he wants and what he doesn't. He is strong and sensitive.

His knowledge and curiosity amaze me and keeps me on my toes.

He loves peanut butter and can't stand squash. He prefers white bread over wheat but understands I win in that case. He doesn't really like chocolate but won't turn down something sweet and sour.

I am so proud of who he is becoming. A man, slowly. One day I will look back and have a hard time remembering this moment.

Happy Birthday, Wise One, you are a very fun 8 year old to be around! I look forward to all the future birthdays we will celebrate together. Thank you for changing my life!


lindiepindie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The pink bag is an Amy Butler pattern and it's called a Ditty Bag. So cute, but I really don't have a reason for having it since you and I are in the same boat - a house full of boys!

Happy birthday to your son! My oldest is 5. EIGHT seems so OLD! :o) I can't imagine having an 8-year-old, however, just last year I couldn't imagine having a 5 year old! Take care.

e said...

happy birthday to the wise one and happy day to you, lyn. as a mom, i feel the celebration is yours, too. the day you changed, the day your world changed. nothing will ever equal or be more profound than new life!
enjoy each moment,

beck said...

happy birthday to the coolest little boy i know... rowdy one ties him, actually. =) and yes i can relate to the not having kids scene.. i too said that - for a LONG time... honestly lyn, i can't imagine you NOT being a mom. your patience with the kiddos amazes me and is something i hope to have one day... soon please. =)