Monday, May 08, 2006

A time when one feels like an awful mother.

This afternoon started out like any ordinary afternoon. Kids home from school, four legged one out back playing. He kept hitting the screen door and I looked out and saw him chasing flies.....only 30 minutes later did Chosen One discover THEY WERE NOT FLIES! THEY WERE BEES! BEES, WOMAN! Are you a moron? Your dog was being eaten alive by BEES!

We brought him in and shoved benedryl down his gagging, panting throat and watched....and waited.....and paced......and watched the bees swarm by the windows. Really it was like the birds but it was BEES! The crows were even getting chased by the bees. Four legged one threw up all over the living room floor and seemed to feel a bit better. Rowdy One felt in necessary to inspect the dog vomit while Wise One was in the kichen sobbing and saying "can't we just take him to the hospital". It was a tramatic event for all involved.

He is now calmed down. His breathing is better. He is a little loopy from the benedryl. He keeps rubbing his face on the couch. But he seems to be okay. No signs of swelling anywhere and he is drinking water.

I think the bees have moved on. They swarmed our house and the neighbors for about 4 hours. We were hostage in our own house with a vomitting dog and one crying kid, a stressed out mother and a father who thought the bees might decide to take up residence in our eves or breaker box. Oh and one kid detective who just couldn't get enough of it.

I am ready for bed......and a stiff drink.....that sounds good, but I don't drink! Maybe tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleep tight, don't let the BEES bite,



e said...

... an aweful mother? so you have previous experience and knowledge with swarmimg bees? you neglected your dog despite knowing he was in jeapardy? I. DIDN'T. THINK. SO! a wise(?) friend frequently reminds me, "its not all about you". it was the bees, all about the bees and the dog, not you!

don't think you'll be reading "the secret lives of bees" or "bees life" any time soon.

kisses to four legged one!

beck said...


when bees attack! that's actually horrible for four legged one. AND wise one too. make sure you don't have bees in your attic. lest i remind you of the 10ft hive found in my previous residence. =) promise me if you see bees again, you'll make chosen one figure out where they're coming from.

hugs to you and everyone at the homestead... c u soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope four legged one is okay now. How could you know?! I wouldn't have thought anything different I'm sure.

Glad it was the dog and not you or your kids! Oh, not hubby either.